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Keeping Warm Are my piggies cold?


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Nov 6, 2011
It is getting colder in my area, and being new to having piggies, I just want to make sure that they are taken care of. I don't keep the heat up very high at my house because I prefer the temperatures to be cooler. My gp's seemed to be much more active before the latest cold front that moved into our area. Of course, I haven't had them long, so maybe they are just settling in. I just want to make sure that their less active behavior isn't because they are too cold. I have seen two of them sneeze. They are all 3 going to the vet on Friday for a check-up, so I will ask my vet about URI's just to make sure. Are there any hot-natured people out there who don't keep the heat up very high who can give me tips on keeping my piggies warm? Thanks!
You don't want the heat up high for pigs. They don't like heat, and in fact, can't tolerate temperatures above 85 degrees. They're balls of fat and fur, and keep themselves warm very nicely, thank you. If you're comfortable in the house, they're fine. Maybe even too warm.

We keep our house set at 66 degrees in the winter, and the pigs do just fine.
I had the same concerns and it was suggested that I put a small thermometer in the room to make sure it was not super cold in the room. I discovered the coldest it got was 65. That was cold to me but ok for them.
Just make sure they are not near a draft.
thanks for this! I'm also someone with "thick blood"... people complain my room is cold but i like it cooler! the thermometer is a really good idea, as the heat is really sporadic in my basement... it heats up really quickly and then cools down really quickly; it's impossible to keep stable. and the thermostat is upstairs, which luckily I can access even though this is supposed to be a self-contained suite.... very poor planning indeed.
also, my guinea pigs sneeze, too. not a lot, but it's not uncommon either. when do you know that it's a problem? their noses are dry and their eyes are bright and they're lively. i worry that even when i feel the room is too warm, the floor gets cold, and while their c&c is in progress, they get a lot of floor time. maybe i should have one thermometer at my height and one down by the baseboards.
If you are worried about them being cold a good thing to have might be some sort of cuddle cup in their cage. If they get cold then they can snuggle in there. You can buy them from various sites or make your own, not too hard to make.
Living in a prairie province of Canada, the weather can be super unpredictable, so I like to keep snuggle sacks and fleece tunnels in the cage. This way if something happens like a power outage in the night, I know there's a warm place in the cage to snuggle in to.
I just ordered a few fleece tunnels. I had cuddle sacks in their cage, but they never used them, so I use them for lap time now. I hope they will like the tunnels better! Thanks!
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