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Anyone using fleece successfully?



Anyone using fleece successfully?

I'm thinking of making up some fleec pads for a section of the new cage(thinking 2x4 or 2x3) I'll be having a slightly raised(2 inches or so) area as I want to include a little brick patio in there. And in the lower area where the litter box is, wood shavings would be placed. In between the 2 areas, i was thinking carpet, however, I think fleece would be a better option, easily washed, has a stay dry property in there is something absorbant under it(flannel? or newspaper or both), the surface would feel dry.

Any one been using fleece? If so what do you think?
Re: Anyone using fleece successfully?

Yeah ia m but my gp pees on it
Re: Anyone using fleece successfully?

I have my two boys cage in fleece. I tried towels and puppy pads at first but it was smelling after a couple of days. I switched to a mattress pad underneath and it is making a lot of difference. Now the cage goes about a week before I have to change it. One mattress pad cut to size made two sets to go under the fleece. I got one that described being waterproof but also absorbent. I try to spray the fleece with Febreeze in the middle of the week while the boys are in floor time. I also sweep out the poops every day.
Re: Anyone using fleece successfully?

I'm using fleece and I love it.

The pigs are supposed to pee on it. That is why you have fleece on top with absorbant material underneath.

Check out the fleece study sticky and it will explain exactly how to make the fleece system work. If you don't use a decent absorbant layer underneath, or you do not wash the fleece enough times first, then it won't work properly.
Re: Anyone using fleece successfully?

To test the fleece, pour about 2 tablespoons of water on it, if it goes through and doesn't rest of the fabric then it's working properly.
Re: Anyone using fleece successfully?

i am newly converted, with much hesitation, to fleece and i will not go back, i love it. Not only do i love it but my piggies love it too. Like someone else said there is a sticky, or go to search and type, the fleece project, very helpful and informative, a must read before starting to use fleece.

I use newspaper on the bottom (havent had a problem because the pee never makes it to the newspaper) then i place two layers of towels , the mattress pad,a nd then the fleece.

I would stay away from carpet because they will probablly chew on that, and carpet will not be as easily washed and dried. I would think that carpet would not hold up very well getting washed so often either. I am having no problem with smell either, which was a big reason i never tried fleece because i thought it would smell. Good luck and i am sure that once you try it you will be very happy and so will you piggies.
Re: Anyone using fleece successfully?

Ok ill try that!
Re: Anyone using fleece successfully?

I love fleece!!! I went to the local fabric store and bought some fleece on sale. Then I went to an outlet towel store and bought some cheap towels that were in the ends/imperfection bin. I have 2 layers of towels under a layer of fleece. The corners of the fleece are sewn so that it acts like a mattress cover for the towels. The 2 towels were longer than I needed, so i folded down the 1 end, and sewed it, to make it twice as thick. Then I lay the towels down with the sewn folds at opposite ends. Gives it an extra layer at each end. My piggies tend to pee in the corners of their cage so it works out that the pee areas have more towel under them.

I have saved so much money not having to buy wood shavings and carefresh anymore.
Re: Anyone using fleece successfully?

I really love fleece as well. I use nothing under it, as my gps would only pee and poo where they eat and sleep, so I made litter boxes for both areas. I wash the fleece about once a week. It has saved me soo much money.
Re: Anyone using fleece successfully?

I really don't advise using nothing under the fleece, as it kind of defeats the whole purpose. The fleece doesn't hold the urine, it's meant to wick it through to another absorbent material. If there is no absorbent material, it will either stay wet, or keep the coroplast wet.

I use mattress pads under the fleece and I find it to be a fabulous setup. The mattress pads are lightweight, absorbent, easy to arrange, and they dry in less than half the time it takes towels to dry. I love them.
Re: Anyone using fleece successfully?

I've tried matress pads, but my pig never pees on the fleece, so I've never found it necessary. I do put a folded towel under their cuddly cup. It works for me!
Re: Anyone using fleece successfully?

I put newspapers under my fleece, but I noticed that my one pig smells really bad like urine and boy. When you put mattress pads under it do you cut them to fit or just fold them? Also, is there a way to fold them over the top of the coroplast? My pigs tend to crawl under the fleece and it just gets quite gross fast.

I do, however, still love using fleece much more than any other bedding!
Re: Anyone using fleece successfully?

You can cut mattress pads to any size you need and they will hold up just fine in the wash. If you want to fold them over the cage edges, you can use binder clips to hold them to the coroplast. You could also use bricks in the cage corners to keep the fleece in place- this is what I do and it works quite well. Putting a small fleece blanket on top of the bedding will give your piggies an extra layer to burrow under and can help deter them from burrowing under the bottom layer of fleece.
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