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Coroplast Alternatives Anyone use a shower curtain?


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Feb 11, 2012
I was hoping someone could show me some of thier pictures of thier C&C cage that has a bottom of a shower curtain so I could get an idea of how to make my bottom tomarrow.
At the moment I'm using a subway sign that isn't very sealed at the bottom but I have something on the spot that can't hold any liquid.
I got the little black clamps and the curtain I need. I just need some ideas on how I can do this.
Thank you! :)
I don't, but I used a child's play pen and a shower curtain for floor time a couple times. I'll post some pictures soon. It works pretty well, but not as well as coroplast. It's a lot harder to clean.
I do. Here are some pictures but we essentially use the shower curtain flat on the ground and then clip up the towels and fleece. It might be hard to see but it's a white shower curtain and blue towel. We found that clipping up the shower curtain means that the piggies will chew on it.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Anyone use a shower curtain?
[GuineaPigCages.com] Anyone use a shower curtain?
I am temporarily using a shower curtain instead of coro. If you make the curtain go up the sides of the grids the guinea pigs will likely chew on it. It's best to have it folded under the cage only with fleece on top. After a while the shower curtain may start to smell, so you'll have to wash it or replace it.
I used those clear plastic carpet runners. You can cut as much as you need at the store and it is only 1.25 a foot! Easy to shape into whatever your cage needs. I even have sides. Pee proof and with fleece over it everything works great!
I hope to get coroplast in the future when I can afford it but for now I am very satisfied with the carpet runners.
What store did you get the carpet runner at?
A store called Fred's. But maybe a home depot or lowes might have it.
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