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Rabbits Anyone use a 42" dog crate


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Nov 16, 2015
Ill be getting a mini lop soon and im gonna be using a 42L X 27W X 30H dog crate. i wanna know if anyone else who has a bunny has ever used this size? its the only size i can use for my room. if so please show pics cause im trying to picture what i can do for modifying
It's too small if you intend for your rabbit to live it in all the time. It's okay to use as a base for a free range rabbit. For example let your bunny free during the day, and put him in at night.

Rabbits need even more room than guinea pigs do.

Do you have plans for a companion for your rabbit? Rabbits need companionship of their own species, just like guinea pigs do. Mixed sex pairs are best, neutered and spayed, of course. All rabbits need to be neutered or spayed.

Have you done research on house rabbits yet?
she wont be in it all the time, i have done my research and i have plenty of things for her to do. i can only have one in the mean time until i get a bigger place
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