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anyone know a good place to board a cavy in Sarasota?


New Member
Cavy Slave
May 4, 2012
hey all...we got our three month old Absynian female cavy (Fuzzle) about three months ago in a sort of suprise adoption...suprise for me at least. When my wife and little girl called to say they wanted to get her, I was ok with it but not thrilled. However, after getting a nose lick from her the very first time I held her, I admit, I'm cavy-whipped. We've bonded much more than I expected and as such, I spoil this little ball of wild fur silly. We are going on vacation for a week, and although we have two daughters of god friends who are willing to come over and feed/water/play with Fuzzle, they themselves have never had a cavy and as such I'm kinda nervous about going that route. Not to mention, Fuzzle is a single and used to constant attention and floor time from us so I worry she will get depressed if she only gets a few minutes a day attention from strangers. Does anyone know of any place or person who specializes in boarding cavy's in the Sarasota area? I found one place called Ace Pet Resort that says they board exotics, but I'd prefer a place where Fuzzle can play or interact with other guineas and wil get treated like she's special. Any ideas would be grately appreciated
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