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Vet Costs Anyone from NH? I think I need a new vet...


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Jan 10, 2012
So I need to take my piggies to the vet tomorrow because I think one or both of my babies has fleas or hair mites... something like that...

Anyway, I'm apprehensive about my vet because last time I went, they charged me $75.00 per piggy for a check-up visit! I paid $150.00 for both piggies to be seen for less than 15 minutes, and there was no medication and they didn't even have their toe nails clipped!!! And now, I'm going to drop another $150.00 for this visit... (That is $300.00 on vet visits in less than 4 months)...

If there are other NH piggy owners out there, where do you go? How much do you pay? Is it really that important to find an exotic vet or will the regular vet work just as well for little things like lice and check-ups?
If it is Mites we can help you if you post pictures. It is very easy to treat with Ivermectin which kills Fleas and Mites after 2 treatments, and you can obtain it online and dosage is very easy.

But you should still have a vet on your hand, however I cannot help you with that.
I have been doing a lot of research about at home/DIY treatments... there is sooo much information out there, sometimes it is difficult to sift through it. I'll take any direct advice...
From reading the guinea Lynx post, I'm supposed to use the injectable Ivermectin as a topical treatment correct?
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