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Behavior Anyone ever see their piggy do this?


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Jan 7, 2012
While watching the pigs tonight, Cupcake went over to Carmella's sleep spot. She popcorned a bit and then she began to "roll." Think of what a dog does when they roll in something stinky! Cupcake did this a few times. Strangest thing I have ever seen her do. Has anyone else witnessed this kind of behavior? What does it mean?
I've never heard of a piggy rolling around like that! Must have been adorable!
Has she done this before? Could it be some kind of a seizure? Hopefully someone more experienced can help you.
One of my boys does that now and then, but only since I've switched to fleece. Both of them are so much happier and active now that they're on fleece, so I just figured it was an extra happy popcorn :) He has no history of health issues at all, so unless your piggie's behavior changes or seems ill otherwise, I don't think you have much cause to worry.
Maybe he was rolling to get the others scent on himself?
My lil girl will do this to my mom's clothes. If my mom has a shirt or anything of her's she wore that day out when she's having floor time, Cocoa will popcorn and bite and curl up in it.
It is fine and not a problem! lol One of my girls does it very often. She popcorns this way though only when I give her a large fluffy cat bed that I bought on sale for my pigs. When it's floor time she trots around and does the common popcorn we all have seen and know, but when I add the bed she jumps in, investigates it, then goes nuts, popcorning so much that it seems she can't control her balance and just rolls onto her side and rolls around like a dog!
So if that sounds like what you observed, it's likely she just was popcorning like crazy and couldn't contain her excitement.
Thanks for the replies. I think it might have been a little bit of everything. We have had Carmella a week now and Cupcake seemed thrilled to have a friend the minute they met. Carmella tinkled on the sleep sack as soon as she was in the cage. So, maybe Cupcake wanted that lovely scent on her. Needless to say, guinea pigs do not "roll" very well. ;) It was quite funny to watch. I am curious to see what happens after the cage is cleaned out today.
Squint does something like that sometimes in his hammock. He can't roll all the way over so he kind of flips his legs side to side but the rest of him doesn't quite follow. If I rub his back while he does it he goes crazy. Its so cute!
I think it's just an act of pleasure, rolling around like that, although I've never seen my piggies do it! (;
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