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Anyone Else Have Small Children??


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Nov 23, 2004
I have a one and 2 year old, and they are in the room w/ the pigs a LOT! They are in the kitchen, so yeah, the kids are in there a lot. my oldest pulls the youngest around on blankets on the lino in the kitchen/diningroom and stuff, so there's no keeping them out of there. I'm wondering if this is why they are still so skiddish, and hide a lot.. Should I move them to another room? the only other option I have is a drafty extra bedroom downstairs.. And we hardly ever go down there.. course we might if we had them down there, but I like having them up here w/ us.. I take better care of them too, I think, having them upstairs, where the FOOD is.

I think you should just keep them upstairs. If you just got them, they will definatley be skittish. I've had guinea pigs for months and they are still skittish. They come up to me(after about a month of patience) but they don't let me pet them yet.
rubypiggie2... I will start a new thread to you in case you dont read this, but I was wondering where in missouri you are???

I'm in Moberly, you?
i have read on numerous places that children under 10 years old should not play with piggies unless supervised by an adult. they sometimes dont understand that guinea pigs cant be treated like dog or cats.

that may be why the piggies are still scared.
I have a 3 year old who is very loud and runs around a lot. Plus her friend comes over and they go nuts.

We've had him in the living room for about 2 months and from the beginning I kept a sheet over his cage because he seemed very skittish. He used to run around only when the sheet was on and he couldn't see us. Now he's getting better so I have pulled back the sheet so he can see us all the time, but I still leave it on some parts of the cage so he feels more comfortable. Now he runs around even when we're in the room and being noisy. He is definately getting more comfortable, even letting my daughter feed him and doesn't freak out anymore when the cat peaks at him. It just takes time.

So I think you can leave your pigs where they are and maybe try using a sheet to cover parts of their cage until they get more comfortable.
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