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Chat Anybody else

Charisma Manzo

Cavy Slave
Nov 17, 2016
Anybody else's piggy a therapy animal?
There is someone on here that said their piggy was a therapy pig. Search through the forum under "about guinea pigs" using "therapy" and see if anything pops up. It was maybe a couple months ago that there was a thread.
Mine aren't registered for anything, but I definitely use them like therapy pigs. When I'm upset there's nothing that helps calm me down more than holding one of them. (for more context, I'm autistic)

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Well, when I'm upset I like to just look at Domino and he makes me feel so much better. Also sometimes I just ramble to him, and talk nonsense, he doesn't mind at it makes me feel better :)
I think all animals at some point are therapeutic.
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