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Behavior any suggestions?


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Nov 26, 2011
so on sunday, i rescued newman (4 year old male) after a successful meet and greet with jerry (7 month old male). the first few hours went ok. since then, newman's stayed under the fleece forest, too nervous to come out and explore. i've tried moving the food and hay a little further away to encourage him to venture out. the thing is that whenever jerry approaches him, he sounds the alarm. he's the LOUDEST guinea pig i've ever had!! there's no biting, no mounting, no rumbling or teeth chattering. just jerry trying to connect with newman and i suppose check him out and be friendly, but newman gets so scared, he screams and jerry wanders away. i feel bad for jerry, because he just wants a friend, and i feel for newman, who still seems so scared. i did a buddy bath, which seemed to help a wee little bit. i'm also giving them extra floor time, just the 2 of them and a pile of hay, to try and encourage their relationship. any other ideas? in thinking this will just take more time than i thought.
They'll work it out on their own. If they're not fighting, then you're already way better off than you could be. Quee and Kwee would chase each other around the cage and sniff at each other's butts for a few days when they first met, but now they just chill together.
When I brought my piggies home it took almost 3 weeks for them to comfortably walk around their new cage and interact with each other. I suspect Newman is just trying to get used to everything. Try to make sure everything is as low stress as possible for the first week or two.
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