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Any Piggy lovers from Auckland, NZ needed to care for my little lethal while I'm away


Cavy Slave
Mar 5, 2012
I've planned a trip to go overseas next year and all I can think about is who will look
after Mira (who is a lethal piggy) while I'm away. She's a pretty independent little girl
despite being both blind and deaf, but requires her food to be finely sliced and needs
lots of TLC. In the past, I have taken my bunnies and piggies to a breeder who lives
up the road and she has done a fantastic job in caring for them while I've been away.
I have asked her about going the extra mile to finely cut up Mira's food should she
board with her, and she didn't seem too enthusiastic about it, which I totally understand
as she has lots of bunnies to take care of as well. Anyway, what I want to know is if there were any
piggy lovers/owners in the Auckland area who might want to take on the challenge and look after Mira
when I go away. I am only doing this because Mira is extra special and so, needs that extra love and
care. I am happy to do the same for others who have piggies/bunnies requiring special care. It's just
hard explaining to someone how and why its important that food be finely chopped, or bedding needs to
be changed regularly (non-piggy carers) and not to change the 'furniture' about. Anyway, please let me
know if you might be up for the challenge and if you live in Auckland. Looking forward to hearing from
you :D

I live in Auckland And I'm 99.9% that my mum would be okay with me looking after her if there is no one else. I promise I would give her extra care ( even though my boys will be jealous!). I'll make her her own Cage and will make her very happy! Could I possibly email you about it more? I would love to look after her!
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