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Any Other from Montreal


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Jul 1, 2008
Any Other from MontrealAny Other from MontrealNot sure if I introduce myself before..I'm from Montreal Que. I have 2 guineapigs..1 aged 4 years ol Mandy and 1 aged about 1 year old. Cupake..We adopted Cupcake after we had to put down Mandy's sister (Sandy) in Febraury. Mandy was so lonely and miss her sister.. So we know a great guineapig rescue place near us and we adopted Cupcake..
I'm not from Montreal but I have to say it's a beautiful city. I've only been there once, many years ago, but I absolutely loved everything about it.
I like it...Expext for winter...I'm not so crazy about the snow expect for this time of year..noone here thought we would have a white xmas but we did...It just not the same without a white xmas.
I grew up in Detroit and live in Chicago now so I'll bet we get as much snow as you do there. This year we didn't have a white Christmas either and only had a dusting of snow which probably means we'll get a big snowstorm early this year.
Oh I mean to add that the day before xmas it SNOWED so we did get a white xmas after all..
Your girls are beautiful! Welcome. I have been to Winnipeg (sorry about the spelling). when I was in Jr. High. I rembember big buildings and very cold. LOL

Looking forward to sharing and more pictures.
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