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Coroplast Any harms to using no coroplast??


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Jan 31, 2012
So, with my building skills and no coroplast suppliers where i live, i have decided to use none at all. If it is safe. Is their any harm of layering the cage with towels , then newspaper, then fleece, with no coroplast box?? I do not mind the extra cleaning , i have the time to clean the cage out 3-4 times a week and spot clean twice a day.
I agree. Unless you washed and switched everything out once a day, it would probably seep down to your floor and mess it up. A shower curtain would be a lot better, it works well for me during floor time.
What about using a piece of linoleum or similar vinyl floor covering?
Linoleum, shower curtain, a tarp...all should work just fine. Personally, I would skip the newspaper between the layers though, that just sounds messy.
Thanks for all the answers!!! I've just found out a local shop which sells coroplast which is is in stock(very rare they do) and will lay it out on the floor.Sounds like their is no need for newspaper,you've saved me from some messy clean outs :)
I don't use coroplast in my cage. Instead, I bought a few thick rugs from a thrift store which I interchange, and I layer lots of towels over it. I've never had issues with the urine soaking through the rug and onto the carpet, and when the carpet needs washed I just hand-wash it and let it sit to dry. So no, I do not believe there is any harm in not using coro, granted that you don't have babies that can stick their heads through the grids. Glad you found some though.
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