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Any Aquarists here?


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Mar 4, 2012

I'm a former Puffer mommy...We haven't been able to set up our tank yet due to well, the hood being fried.

When I say "Former" I mean, the reason why we had to re-home Pepsi (My GSP) was due to a cross country move, and it would have been way too stressful, for him, to bring him across country (The difference between Fishies and Piggies I guess...Piggies we are able to bring across country without any special life containment units like buckets of cycled water, battery powered air pumps and battery powered filters)

I miss my Pepsi. I had his tank all cycled, (Fishless cycle method btw) 32gal, proper SG for him, before I got him. I ordered him from the local aquarium store, NOT The Petland down the road from it. He was kept in his own tank in the back until I picked him up. He was so tiny. When we had to rehome him he was full grown and on his way to full marine. He was a pet. Sure we couldn't pick him up n snuggle him..but whenever we walked by the freezer, he almost jumped out of his tank in anticipation for some clams or blood worms. (Puffers are the Guinea piggies of the sea! Their teeth constantly grow too, and they need hard shelled foods to keep them worn down)

I got all my info from the wonderful people at the puffer forum. They don't support petco, and there are some members on there that are trying to figure out how to captive breed these wonderful creatures, so as not to tax the wild stocks, where most of the puffers actually come from still :(

Anyway here is a picture I took of him before we had to find another home for him. We'll be sticking to mammals from now on because they're able to come with us when we move.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Any Aquarists here?
I had pea puffers for a very long time. They were the coolest fish I have ever owned. They knew what the worm bag looked like, they reacted and interacted with us and they were adorable! I loved them!

My husband and I use to be big into fish tanks. We had a 100 gallon African cichlid tank, a 45 gallon that held a breeding pair of angle fish, a 20 gallon goldfish tank for my son and then a little 10 gallon for the pea puffer and all his cuteness. I have had fish tanks almost as long as I have had guinea pigs. I bought a 30 gallon eclipse tank around 18 years ago and had that tank all the way though college stocked with just schooling topicals. At one point I had a freshwater flounder, now that was a cool looking fish! We don't have any fish tanks at the moment. We live in a second floor apartment no tanks over 10 gallons allowed. So no more fish for the moment. =(
Yeah, with my husband's job, we can't really in good conscience get another puffer, that and the hood to our 32 is busted..not right to keep em in the dark like that. We're able to move with piggies, but not with fishies. When he retires though, we'll probably get a nice big set up and maybe see if we can get a porcupine or a fahaka...(Depending on if we want marine or fw planted) We really like puffers due to the fact that they are the most pet-like of the fish world. It's such a shame that they are mostly wild caught though. :(
I have a 55 gallon of fancy goldfish. He is very beautiful!
Hi, I have a 46 gallon African Cichlid Tank. I've had it since high school, so nearly a decade now. I understand not being able to take them with you. Since I've been in college, I only get to see them on the weekends or holidays when I head to my parents place. Hopefully when I get settled down I can start up a planted tank with some nice docile fish that won't ripe up everything I plant for them.
i have a 10 gallon heavily planted, a 5 gallon betta tank, a 10 gallon lightly planted, a 20 gallon cutteri cichlid breeding tank, and a 55 gallon community tank. im probably going to reduce to my 55 soon so if your a member of aquariacentral or planted tank forum be ready for a lot of fish and plants.
i have 4 fishes tanks with many differents sizes and arays of fish i mainly keep cichlids which are very human like fish i got a 55 a 75 a 40 and 30 gal tanks so in other words its my 2ed hobby
I used to be a bit of a hobbyist. My proudest day was when my blue gouramis had babies. (I had been told by a friend who used to breed and sell fish that he never had luck with them) Unfortunately, the breeding net wasn't enough to protect them from the adults and only one made it to maturity.


I decided to go down to one tank a number of years ago and made the tough choice between my tropicals and my giant goldfish. The gold won, and now I only have two boys in their 55 gallon.

Sometimes I wish I had kept the tropicals. I love my old fellow, but elderly goldfish aren't exceptionally active. They are impressively big, though. For some unknown reason, the senior turned solid white with age. None of my other goldfish have ever done that.
Yeah I would love to get back into aquariums some day. From what my husband is saying, we'll be here for about 10+ years BUT...we can't really guarantee it. I have to wait until he's retired before getting another finned friend. I dont know what it is but I really like puffer fish. Maybe it's their happy face, or I just like pets with more work than the average dog or cat lol. Heck, Pepsi used to rub up against my hand when I was doing water changes...(FYI that's not good for puffers since they're scale-less and their pigment is akin to a butterfly wing..it goes back but it's like that) but I guess he liked it. He didn't like my husband and kept biting him.

I used to be on MFK as well Sl and S...but mostly my home was over on the puffer forum.
I have a 2g filtered Betta tank, a 5g with a crayfish, a 15 with 1 loney goldfish, and a 75g (OMG, the water changes!) that I dumped a collection of freshwater tropicals into. I have a bunch of other tanks I'm tearing down, since I just don't have time anymore. I like the freshwaters, but I had originally gotten the 75g for cichlids.
Petlovr, don't worry about the goldfish being lonely. Sure they're shoal fish, but, I'll tell you what, 15g is the MINIMUM you need for a goldfish's bioload. Funny eh? Just like piggies are usually kept in caged in litter trays and thought appropriate, people also think unheated bowls or small tanks are appropriate for goldfish.

Your goldfish is actually probably very healthy and happy in that 15g. That way his bioload isn't smothering him to death on a daily basis, but very well distributed in the water column until water changes. :D
Hey Im new to fishies, and I have a 3 gallon filtered/heated tank housing two neon tetras(Escar and Go), a betta(Benny) and a snail(Sushi). And to me it's looking like Benny might have a fungal infection,(based on this((broken link removed)) website... So, my friend(who used to have betta's) recommended (Kordon Ich Attack for Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums at PETCO) to treat Benny and the whole tank. Any other suggestions on curing and helping prevent future infections will be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you so much
Melafix and Primafix is what works best to cure stuff like that.
Awww, too bad I didn't see this before I went to the store, good to know for next time though, if he survives....
oh and water changes. lots of water changes.
How may do you recommend? Weekly? 2x a week?
For fungus, 3x/week, melafix each change. Then %50 water changes 1x/week when it clears up
Ok, where can I get the melafix? The only places that have pet stuff around here is petco and petsmart, there might be a tropical fish store, but Im not sure if they're open anymore...
Look at Petco and petsmart...they might have some. If you bought your fish from there, I'm sorry to say they might not have as long a life as you would wish :( They are just as bad with their fish as they are with their small animals :( If you can't get any from those two stores, check out Amazon.
OH if it's Ich! (which is a parasite not a fungus) use Aquarium salt (NOT MARINE SALT, there is a huge difference) and raise the heat, along with 3x/week water changes, vacuuming the substrate very well.

Melafix for the irritation that the parasite will cause. With Puffers, they're scale-less fish so one has to use the gentlest treatments possible, thing is they're also the most effective too. :D

(broken link removed)ere's a good thread on how to do it.
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