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Any advice?


Cavy Slave
Jan 2, 2012
I'm Christine and I got two piggies for my 4-H program, they are going to be in shows. I got the mid-west guinea pig habitat plus because I want room for my pigs to roam around. Their names are Pepper and Mint, so together they are Peppermint, they are sisters. One is a Teddy/Texel, the other is an American satin/White crested. They are 5 months old, almost time to adjust them to timothy instead of Alfalfa, maybe in the future I'll get them a C&C cage. They need a lid for my other pets to keep from getting to them. If you have any advice then I would love to hear it!
Welcome to the site! You get free pets from 4-H? That's so cool!
You could browse through the pictures page or the cage section of the forum to get various ideas, I personally don't know, just came here to be part of the welcome party.
Hi and welcome! We love piggy pictures around here so if you can please post some! I love their names, that is adorable how they become peppermint! You want to give them a lot of floor time if they are in a smaller cage. What type of bedding do you use? I use fleece sewn onto 2 layers of flannel.
I use two layers of fleece on top of newspaper, I have a 2' by 4' Midwest guinea pig habitat plus. I usually give them 30 mins of lap time divided into two sessions of 15 mins each and then the floor time is 2 hours with open access to a litterbox that is filled with carefresh ultra. In the cage there is a hay rack over the litterbox. That you for responding!
I will post pictures tomorrow
When you get your C&C Cage made, you can make a very sturdy lid using white wire shelving. There are directions and photos somewhere in the photo gallery. They are absolutely cat proof, and you can make them dog proof as well.

My advice is to read, read, read! There is tons of good info here and also at Guinea Lynx.

Any advice?Any advice?Any advice?Any advice?
Those photos are from when they were so tiny that I couldn't do full floor time so I just used a little c=gate, not my room is guinea pig proofed and vacuumed everyday for their floortime. Then there was laptime on my couch!
They don't have red eyes.;)
Welcome! Adorable pigs! So cute. Love their coloring.
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