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Want a Guinea Pig(s) Another?


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Oct 22, 2011
I'm wanting to get a 3rd guinea pig, but thought that another male might cause a fight, but yet, I don't want a female having babies on me either. I can't find any spayed female adoptions places by me and to get one spayed is wickedly expensive. I have a 2x4 cage, and am wanting to build a 2nd level wraping around the sides and across the back.
If you have 2 males already its not a good idea to introduce a female because the males will fight over her. A 2X4 is really to small to have 3 males in even with a 2nd level. Sorry to be so negative :( Can you expand the 2X4 so they have more floor space?
If I expanded it to a 2x5 they'd be from the wall to my bed, on the edge where my husband sleeps and that's with one grid more
Can you expand to a 3x4? 2x4 is really too small for 3 males.
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