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Pregnancy Another two possible pregnancies.


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May 18, 2012
Hello everyone!

Had great weather today in the UK for once : 3

I'm driving myself crazy by thinking my two girls are pregnant, I'm sure I'm starting to imagine things now but really want to make sure so I can help her out with pregnancy savvy diets.

Here's why I suspect.
* Their nipples are slightly enlongated more than usual (Edd - Yes, she's a female! My other half named her :yuck:) Edd's nipples are slightly longer than Hermione's.

* They now squirm, squeak and run away when I touch their belly underneath & on the sides (Moreso underneath). They haven't done this before.

* Before I knew that rescues existed I bought them from P@H (I honestly didn't know rescues were around for guinea pigs). Anyhow, apparently males and females were separated into two different homing but mistakes can be made!

* I haven't monitored their drinking habits but they drink more than 3/4 of an XL bottle.

* Edd seems to be further along if she is indeed pregnant.

* I know weight gain in younger piggies is normal but Edd has gained 50g in half a week.

Any advice? I asked my vet but he said if she was pregnant it'd be too early to tell as I've had them only 3 weeks and their around 2months old.

I'll try and upload pics of Edd tomorrow but here's some of Hermione. There's a slight bulge on her sides, she has a lot of hair so hard to tell.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Another two possible pregnancies.[GuineaPigCages.com] Another two possible pregnancies.[GuineaPigCages.com] Another two possible pregnancies.
Last one is more recent.
from the pictures they dont look pregnant, it may be too early to tell. i have a fat piggy, that doesnt like her belly touched but she isnt pregnant. None of my pigs like their belly touched. I would just wait and see
Time will tell. You are right though, baby pigs do grow fast. They just look like normal young pigs to me.
Little update:
I forgot to mention the one in the pics is Hermione. I believe she 'might' be pregnant in very early stages.

Now, today I felt Edd (the black and white female) and I swear I could feel outlines of a fetus on each side. She's also gained another 20g since yesterday. Her stomach is quite tense to touch.

My only doubts is that I haven't felt flickering or kicking, but her stomach has changed quite a bit in the past few days there's an outline of some sort, I thought it might be ovarian cysts but she hasn't got any other symptoms.
i bought my pig fom pets at home! be sure to make a formal complaint even if they arent pretend they are pregnant you will get supplies! also my gingey has long nipples and seemed to not like her belly touched and she has a big belly, itook her to vets and he said shes just a big girl, and had her for 3-4 months and no babies so that makes sense. hope this helps!
also it gets quite an obsession! can i feel babies, did i feel one kick, im sure i can feel one, i went through it, but it just turned out she is a large girl
Yeah I can imagine going crazy soon haha. It's just odd because she was fine with me touching her belly. I'll give it a few weeks and take her to an exotic vet if I still feel an outline. Thanks : 3
get your free supplies from pets at home! they gave me 100£ worth of stuff and paid for my pigs to go to a vet of my choice
I'm not sure they would for me, they needed proof at the vets for when they had mites. When I first had them they had mites and cheilitis (All cleared up now), and the manager said they can only compensate for one consultation and need proof : (
ring them up and say it is unsatisfactory to be sold a pregnant pig, and you would like to make a formal complaint. and when the manager talks to you then say you want supplies, as the babies will need hay and more food would be needed and such, they dont want a complaint on their hands. and it also helped in my pets at home store near me, they now have to throughly check while sexing and a local vet goes in weekly to help out. its worth it
also they say they need proof but at the consultation with your vets you get an invoice? thats the only proof they need.
trust me, make it difficult for them put them in a situation where they know they are wrong, tell them you have been in contact with trading standards and it not right what they have done.it helps the pigs out in the long run at the store.
Right I managed to get the date we had the piggies. 21st May.

So, if she is pregnant she'd be 5 weeks 1 day. The signs for 5 weeks is being noticeably bigger, and feeling something resembling fetus' ... which I'm pretty sure I can.

I'll keep this thread updated, I'll be weighing her more and on the 7 week mark I'll let everyone know if I feel kicking. Then I can be sure!

I want to make sure if she is pregnant she gets the extra care she needs

Edit: I don't know what age I had them but they were tiny, weighing in at around 350g. Hermione is now 427g and Edd is 479g, rapidly growing in the belly area too.
dont let pets at home get away with selling young pigs that are pregnant, itd be cool if you got your free stuff, i hope she just has a large tummy and isnt preggers
Thanks for the advice and concern :) if pups arrive at all I'll defiantly complain, I had proof of purchase so shouldn't be too difficult.
yea, regardless itd be good to complain anyway, i cant imagine how many they sold that are pregnant! thankfully i was lucky. i hope they will be ok
Gah this possible pregnancy thing is torturing me. I put my ear close to her belly and thought I heard some sort of grinding, I have no idea if it is her heartbeat or not but doesn't sound like. I can hear one but it's quite fast which isn't hers (I had a finger under her chest and gently placed one under her belly in the lower area). Can her heartbeat travel down there so clearly?
I'm really worried that if she is that I'm too scared to pick her up, apparently babies can be crushed if you pick them up? How am I supposed to examine her and what amount of pressure is needed?

The pressure I use is quite gentle but I cup her belly with two hands so either side of the belly is in each and it feels lumpy with some lines of some sort, her nipple area is dark too.

I'm driving myself nuts here, if she was to be pregnant she'd be around 5-6 weeks as we had her in May, around 21st.
the vet should be able to tell, i took mine in and realised if she was pregnant sh would be a month and he felt her and then got a hearing device out and listened. so i dont think it would be too early to tell at 5-6 weeks of owning her
i bought my pig fom pets at home! be sure to make a formal complaint even if they arent pretend they are pregnant you will get supplies! also my gingey has long nipples and seemed to not like her belly touched and she has a big belly, itook her to vets and he said shes just a big girl, and had her for 3-4 months and no babies so that makes sense. hope this helps!

To suggest that she pretend they are pregnant if they aren't to get free supplies is unethical. It would be much better to recommend not to buying small pets from pet stores. When you buy pets from pet stores, you share in the responsibility of them breeding more because your purchase frees up more space for them to breed more.
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