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Animal testing


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Jan 29, 2005
I know this is going to be a touchy subject but I was just curious as to what your veiws are on different types of animal testing. The other day when I was listening to the news with my dad they were going on about the red food dye scare here in the Uk. They said it had caused cancer in rats; whom the dye was tested on.

Food testing

My veiws on testing dye and foods on animals is that it is wrong. We are the ones going to be eating it in the end so why don't we just test it on ourselves. The animals do not benefit from it at all! Infact they suffer for our needs to have a wider range of foods to eat.

Cosmetic testing

I'm sure you will all agree when I say that cosmetic testing on animals is 100% WRONG... need I say any more.

Human medicine testing

Here I don't know what to say. Yes it does not benefit the animal, it puts them through pain and suffering. But one day it could say your parents life or your brothers and sister's. What do you guys think?

Animal medicine testing

I honestly don't see anything wrong with this. If we are testing medicines out on animals that will benefit even more animals in the future then I honestly think it is ok.

So what are your veiws?
There are so many methods of modern testing out there that are very cheap to get, and they provide the same results as would be found from a live animal. Testing on ourselves is not going to work, as there would be lives in jeapordy.

Are there any laws out there that require products to be tested on animals? Nope. Read more here: (broken link removed). Some information that is frequently updated can be found here: (broken link removed). Alternatives are readily available.

Procter & Gamble, a large cmpany, says this about animal testing: https://www.pg.com/science/aa_commitment.jhtml. I find it odd that they say they do animal testing only when required by law. These tests do not need to be done on animals, they only need to be done. Alternative methods can be used. Perhaps I am missing something here.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/science/hottopics/animalexperiments/index.shtml is also a good source of information, although it is based in the UK. It shows both sides. (broken link removed) is also a great source of information (some pages may be a bit graphic). Start at (broken link removed) and please note that there are cavies on this page. Not too graphic though.

https://www.peta.org/about/faq-viv.asp should answer many peoples' questions on the subject.

As such, you've probably gathered that I am totally against any type of animal testing. I don't believe it to be necessary, nor do I think it is morally correct. Even though these tests probably have helped us advance in medical science, I think it would be much better to utilize the technology we have now to change this practice.
everytime i mention this subject to someone, they say that they sympathize for animals but cannot find cruelty-free products anywhere.
...they are just not looking hard enough!
seventh generation products are available at many grocery and certainly natural food stores. (broken link removed)

method products are more readily available. you can get them at target and linens n things. they come in cool bottles and a variety of scents.

also-to know who does and does not test on animals-check out the caring consumer list
i think food and medicine testing are closely allied, testing drugs for safety is not that different from testing food for safety. i'm not stating an opinion on either, but i think they should be considered together
Drug testing is not just for safety. It's also used to create the medicines in the first place. They test the drugs to make sure that they actually solve the problem they are trying to. I don't want animals to suffer and die but on the other hand, would I want a human to die because there is no drug to save them? If killing animals would cure cancer, parkinsons, AIDS, cystic fibrosis, etc., I would be happy to pay that price.
P.S. There is absolutely no reason to test products on animals. In my book, safe properties of products are already known and chemical tests could determine whether a new product matches those properties.
If testing animals is the only way for curing diseases in people then I'm for it. I put human life above animal life.
But on the other hand does animal testing give us valid results. Human biology and animal biology are two very different things. What works for one will not always work for another.

Though animal testing may have uses, I feel that avenue has been used up and we need to find a better way not only for the animals, but for the sake of the research itself. If we can create animal clones then what stops us from making a couple non sentient skin cells, heart cells, etc. to test on?
Sabriel said:
If we can create animal clones then what stops us from making a couple non sentient skin cells, heart cells, etc. to test on?
the limitations/ban on stem cell research prevents the creation of non-sentient human cells to test on.
Not all research happens in America.

It's not an internation ban. I know the UK supports stem cell research while maintaining a ban on outright cloning.

It is mentioned here.

Though if memory serves me correct Canada currently has a law against it. For now. Things tend to change fast around here.
We have a biological testing lab here in my area that will only draw a small amount of blood from the animal very occasionally, and they test the blood. No testing is actually done on the animal and the animal really isn't harmed. They take the information they get from these tests to develop medicines and vaccines to help more animals. I wouldnt necessarily say I agree w/ it, but it's probably one of the most humane ways Ive heard of.
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