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Storage an extra refrigerator?


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Nov 26, 2011
i know i'm not the only one here with issues about storing greens- there's just so much you can shove in your refrigerator, right? so, has anyone thought about alternatives? i was thinking about getting one of those small "dorm" style refrigerators, maybe used, to store their greens in. what do you think?
Good thing you brought up, as I am relocating my cage and we have one of those also! Thanks for reminding me and giving me the idea.I think its a great idea and will work well. Good Luck! :D
I'm actually considering the same thing. I work at a university in housing and residence life and I'm holding off to see if any of our students want to sell or get rid of one at the end of the year.
My frig crispiers do not seem to work that well.
Would be nice to have a fridge that I can keep on low to store their foods.
I used to have one of those dorm type fridge. My husband bought from craigslist for $20. It worked well for a while then started leaking.
The temp is hard to adjust though, because it has a freezer compartment in the same box. So you would lose the space on the top. If you store your veggies close to the top, they get freezer burn and cannot be fed to the pigs.
I have plenty of room in my fridge and my guinea pigs are in my dining room so it's convenient. I wish I had a sink specifically for them. I use my utility tub in the lower level to clean bottles and bathe them in the tub but I wish I had their own sink to bathe them in.
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