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An aged hamster...


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May 25, 2005
I thought I would just have a little rant as I'm feeling a bit melancholy with regards to my hamster, Bam. She is a 3 (+) year old Syrian and slowing down so much it's sad to watch. She is now only awake for about 2 hours out of 24, and has lost weight though she still eats and drinks like she always has.

The vet sees no reason we shouldn't let her go on, as she appears comfortable though slow whenever she's awake. Every morning I go to her cage with a treat, expecting today to be the day where I don't see her whiskers poke out of the house in response to the smell of food and a familar voice. But no, she soldiers on. I'm just grateful for every day we get with her now.

Here's a pic taken back in November....

[GuineaPigCages.com] An aged hamster...
Awww, shes so cute!! Thats such a nice story. What's her name?
Cute!! It is sad when any pet is getting old, I once had a hamster like yours that lived to be 6!!!!! He lived at my grandpa's school, then summer came and I adopted him. He was put down at the age of 6, he got sick.
Aw, she's very cute. I used to own only hamsters. I had four and then I switched over to pigs. My last hamster, a Russian Dwarf named Munchie, was older than yours! I used to think the same thing every morning, until one morning, my thoughts came true. I was so upset. I didn't go to school for three days. He was my favorite hamster, and I loved him so. He'll be greatly missed. Good luck to your little girl!
I know how you feel. Several months ago, my hamster of 4 years passed. The entire time, he ate and drank regularly, but he slept forever. So everday for nearly a year, I came into the room just waiting to not find him alive. I know he lived a great life, but it was sad toward the end. He actually died the same weekend I decided it was time to euthanize him.
That is the cutest picture -- what a personality! I'm so sorry for your sadness -- it sounds like she has a wonderful and well-loved life with you, and I'm sure when it's her time that she'll be dearly missed.
I know how sad it is :-( It breaks my heart to see the day when you call them and they don't poke their little whiskers out of the fluff :-(
What a sweet hamster. I hope she continues to live a good life as long as she can.
Cute. It's sad when a pet die's. Hopefully her time with you will be happyuntil she die's.
Bam is absolutely precious! I agree it's hard watching them slow down, but what can we do except treat them like the lovely little friends they are. Bam is very lucky to have you and all of your loving kindness!

I thought my Bailey was getting older, but now I know (thank goodness) that they can live to be older than the 1.5-2 years I was told. Bailey is almost 3 and has lost most of his hair and looks all wrinkly and wierd. I asked the vet about this, and he said that like most old men, losing hair is somewhat normal. Hmmm...hamster male pattern baldness?
The same thing happened with Bam and the vet concluded it was hormonal. The funny thing is, as she started to lose weight as she aged, her hair came back. It's weird. She is getting lots of TLC and occasionally some organic baby food which she just wolfs down.
She passed away quietly in my arms about 5 minutes ago. Rest in peace my little one.
Aww, daftscotslass, I'm soo sorry you lost her. She'll be having lots of fun over the rainbow bridge.
I am so sorry you lost her.. :( She had a very good life and as Dag said, she'll have lots of fun over the rainbow bridge..
Awwww, rest peacefully.

Sorry for your loss.
I am so sorry for your loss. I remember when my hammie Freddie died, he was my most favorite hammie ever. I cried for days. He was almost 3.
I am really sorry. What a great life the little hammie had, though.
I am soo sorry. She probably had a great life thoough... R.I.P.
We buried her an hour ago in my mum's garden, along with all my other pets of the past. She was exceptionally precious to us as she was the first pet my boyfriend and I had together in our new house and really his first pet overall.

We'd been out shopping and went into the pet shop for a look as we usually do. Though I had never bought a pet shop pet in years we saw one single Syrian hamster in a cage off to the side. She was sleeping with her butt hanging out the side of the igloo. We asked one of the assistants if we could see her out and he duly obliged, and explained to us she had been fighting with her cagemate (no surprises there, really, given that they are solitary). She was a plain old golden hamster, with a scar on her nose from the fighting, that was about 6 months old, and everyone had passed by, and she was reduced in price to £3.50. I was horrified, but I couldn't leave her there. She shredded the box she was taken home in, and was duly christened "Bam" (short for "bampot", a Scots word meaning someone who's rather idiotic).

Every hamster I've had (and I've had a few!) has taken days if not weeks to be handled. I had planned on leaving her for a few days to get accustomed to her new surroundings but she would follow us as we walked past her cage, and climbed out onto our hands when we tried to put food in her bowl. She was as docile as anything from moment one, and craved human contact. She even modelled the ASPCA recommended Wodent Wheel on the maker's (Transoniq) website:

I am sad that she's gone, I can never replace her, but glad she died peacefully with both of us there to comfort her and keep her warm. I'll stop my drivel now, thank you all for your kind words xx
That was so sweet. What an amazing girl.
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