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Quarantine Always quarantine?


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Jan 7, 2012
We are adopting a new pig (one and half year old) as a friend for our current pig (6 months). She is coming home this weekend. I have read lots of quarantine information but I am still not sure if the new pig needs to be quarantined. She is coming from a rescue and has been there for several months on pregnancy watch. I know that she was treated for mites and fleas when the rescue first got all the pigs. She looked very healthy (as did all of the piggies) when we met her a couple of weeks ago. Please help!
Pretty please help?!?
She's probably OK, since she's been at a rescue, and if it's a reputable one. Why don't you ask them what they think?
Thanks...I planned to ask what they thought about it. I just thought the more input the better. I don't want anyone to get sick.
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