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Almost ready!?


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Jan 21, 2012
Hey everyone! Lelee is a few days closer to delivery now! She is 55 days today and looks like she is less than a week from having the babies! During breakfast time this morning I watched her for any signs that she may be ready for delivery. I could very obviously see the babies moving around in her belly! :) I'm very excited and the vet is definitely on stand by for me! She hasn't been seen lately though so I'm left playing the guessing game as to when she's going to have the babies. Any ideas as to when she may be having them? [GuineaPigCages.com] Almost ready!?[GuineaPigCages.com] Almost ready!?[GuineaPigCages.com] Almost ready!?
No idea. But how old is your piggy? She looks sooo tiny! And I would definitely change her food to something more nutritious. Some oxbow Cavy Cuisine and alfalfa hay to keep her plump for delivery. Best of luck.
yeah go with oxbow, it is somewhat expensive, but you get what you pay for!:) and she is soooo tiny looking!! hopefully they all deliver safe and sound!:) shes sure a cutie!!
I actually only give them that as a side. I feed them fresh veggies everyday! :) I'm not positive how old she is but I think shes around seven months now. :)
her food has a potential choking hazard with all those seeds and added colorful things, she needs PLAIN pellets not that garbage. And she is pretty small, well so is my 8 month old abbysinian, shes probally the same size! was this an accidental or purposeful pregnancy?
Are you feeding her unlimited hay? Hay should be their primary food source. Pregnant, nursing mothers and babies have different nutritional needs than adults. She should be on Oxbow Cavy Performance her whole pregnancy to give her and the pups the proper nutrition they need. Added calcium is essential for bone development. What vegetables are you feeding her?
Her mix includes lettuce and cilantro with rotating peppers or baby carrot. I'm also giving her small bits of orange peels and she has vitamin drops in her water to help with the pregnancy. This was definitely accidental! I had a friend watching my girls for me who will never be watching them again! He thought it would be cute to put her in with his boar. Big no-no! Unfortunately, that one time got her pregnant! I'm doing absolutely everything the vet has told me and she's being very well taken care of. I make sure not to handle her like I do my other girl. (even though I miss holding her! :( ) not sure when the babies will come but she's 56 days now and I'm just playing the waiting game! I thought being able to see the babies move meant that it would be any day though!?
No vitamin C drops in the water, it degrades within half an hour, and will make most pigs drink less. If you feed enough variation with 1 cup of vegetables, especially the bell pepper, there is no need for any supplements at all.

You will need to feed a more varied diet, 2 leaves of lettuce, two different kinds. There are many different variations of green & read leaf to rotate. No iceberg, be careful with romaine as it could cause sludge. Zucchini is another great daily staple.

Carrots are more of a treat due to the high sugars, oxalic acid & vitamin A. There are much better rotational veggies & herbs to add on Ly's diet chart & sample menus.

The pellets you are feeding are pure junk, switch to a healthier pellet for both mother & future pups Like Oxbow, Kleenmamas or Sweet meadow. A good diet is extremely important. An alfalfa pellet for the pups & while the mother is pregnant, timothy for pigs over 6 months.

Gestation usually last between 59-73 days, so don't worry about it just yet.

If you haven't already, please read through these links concerning Labor, what to look out for & avoid. You will need to have a vet you can call at any time should there be an emergency.
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Yes, you could have plenty of time yet.
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