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Allergies Allergic not to hay, but the actual piggies?


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Sep 1, 2010
I've heard time and time again of people having allergies to the hay they buy their pets, however for us it seems to be the piggies themselves?

My dad gets a rash all over the area he touches the girls with after holding them. He's always had a slight reaction, but it's gotten worse. Is there anything we can do to keep the girls cleaner to avoid this?

They are on fleece bedding, and my dad loves them, and hates that he can't cuddle them as much now.
We adopted Quee because our friend who had her turned out to be allergic to her.
maybe try giving them a bath before he holds them to make sure its not the hay dust on the pigs. we are allergic to timothy hay and we switched to blue grass and havent had a problem. that is all i can think of. good luck!!
I've had the same problem your dad has experienced. At first I thought it was the hay, so I switched to orchard grass, but I was still breaking out in hives. I knew it wasn't the grass because I've had rabbits before and that's what I fed them.

Giving them a bath every time he wants to hold them is not recommended, as it could dry out their skin. What I do is have my sisters pick up one of my girls and have her wrapped in a towel. That's the only way I can hold any of them without breaking out in hives.
Hope that helps :)
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Allergic reactions only ever get worse, they don't get better without medical intervention. Allergy shots can help, or take a Benadryl 1/2 hr before handling can limit the reaction.
My mother and husband are the same way. Hubby just tries to touch them as little as possible. He likes them but he's not in love with them do it is easy for him. When I was still living at home my mother simply didn't touch them unles she had too. She like them a lot but they were my pets. So she did not have too much interaction with them. The family I got my Ben from had the same govt reaction. Apparently it was so bad for the daughter she would break out and need medication to calm the reaction down. I guess the only blessing in this is the allergy seems to be tactile so my husband isn't have a constant respatory allergy attack and my much loved pigs can stay here with us. :)
He can wear vet calfing gloves they go up past your elbow. Wear an apron so the hair doesnt touch him. And take benadryl before holding them. And use allergy cream to dry up the rash so it can start healing. Pepcid also helps stop allergic reactions.
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