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General All pellet diet??


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Dec 7, 2011
I've heard that piggies need an all pellet diet, however when I got my first guinea pig they said to buy the mix so there's more of a selection. My two male piggies won't eat the pellets! they eat everything and don't touch the pellet when I fill the dish they dig there nose to the bottom just not to eat the pellets! I was thinking about switching them to all pellets because if that they're supposed to have I wan't them to eat it, they have bigger bags too, and also cheaper.. I'm just afraid if I give it to them they won't eat?? And we don;t want that either.. I don't know what to do?!? Keep the blend and do't give them more food until they eat the pellets also, or just keep feeding them even when they don't eat the pellets, or just switch to pellets?!? Please help me!!
Just switch to pellets, the mix isn't good for them, I believe because they can choke on the seeds. I'm sure someone else can clarify that, but I know that they need just straight pellets, and of course vegetables and hay.
Pellets should make up the smallest part of their diet. You don't want any pellets with the junk mixed in. Feed them 1/4 cup of KM Hayloft, Oxbow or Sweet Meadow timothy pellets per day or 1/8 cup Mazuri 5664 alfalfa based pellets if they're over 6 months old. They should have unlimited hay and about 1 cup of vegetables per day.
Guinea pigs need a plain pellet with no seeds, nuts, or colored bits. Mixes can cause selective feeding, obesity, and are a choking hazard.
Adults need a timothy based pellet, whereas preg females and pups can have an alfalfa based pellet. The best pellet brands are KMs, Oxbow and Sweet Meadow. An adult should get no more than 1/8-1/4 of a cup daily.

Sorry, @pinky beat me to it!! :)
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Thank you guys! I will switch as soon I need to buy them more food!
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