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All About Us.


Cavy Champion, Previous Forum Moderator
Cavy Slave
Mar 7, 2005
I am Suzilovespiggie. I am 61 years old. I live alone and am single.
My zoo is. 4 large dogs and one small dog. 6 cats. 1 ornate box turtle and 2 silkie guinea pig sows.

I am a mother of 2, a son and a daughter.
My son is married and has 3 children and one in the oven, 2 girls and one boy. (the new one unknown at this time)

My daughter is married and has 3 children. 2 boys and a girl.
Besides gp's they are my life.

I am a huge animal activist and fight for many causes concerning animals.
I am a vegetarian.

I have been on the forum since March of 05. I believe in it totally and all it stands for. I love chatting with you all and have made some awesome friends. (join us nightly in chat)

It is a priviledge to serve you all as a mod. (even when I screw up bigtime)
thank you Suzilovespiggie:love:
29 Years old
Married 7 years
2 Children-4 yr old daughter, 2 year old son
2 Dogs-11 yr old Akita/Terrier(Sasha), 11 yr old Border Collie/Terrier(Molly)
2 Cats-13 yr old(Stephanie), 3 yr old(Cassee)
7 Guinea Pigs-Minnie, Goofy, Mickey, Daisy, Donald, Gracie, La La
This is me and my kids
Me and my dog Molly
My dog Sasha
My cats
25 yrs old (26 next month)
3 kids, Ruby 6.5, Alexander 4.5 and Joseph 22 month.
4 guinea pig boys, 1 cat, 1 betta and 1 turtle.
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Stay at home mom and owner/seamstress at Canadian Comforts
Married to a wonderful husband who puts up with all my piggie loves.
Hello my name is Beth, I am 33 Years old Female
have been Married to Chris for 14 Years. We are unable to have human kids and we are okay with this because we have three precious nieces. We have 3 Dogs ~ Dixie is a 7 year old Boxer ~ Bella(yes big twilight fan) 1 year old Chihuahua ~ Luietentant Dan 13 year old Chihuahua Mix. 2 Guinea Pigs ~ Gidget and Gemini. I have a 2x7 C & C Cage with a 1x2 kitchen area and a 1x1 hay area. I do not work outside of the home right now. I am a big time animal lover.I am most thankful I found this forum I have learned so much and made such great friends. (come chat with us its such a blast in the chat room Cavy Talk)

I want to thank Suzie for redoing this thread.
[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.Gidget[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.Gemini[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.Dan[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.Chris & Bella [GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.Dixie
Pushing 50 (in July)
No kids, never married. No SO.
Springtown, Texas
Work as a scanner/data entry for a mortgage company in Fort Worth, although not much longer- they sold out and are closing, so I'll be unemployed in a few months... :( but am looking and have some leads!
Three piggies: Squiggy, Holly and Ivy, and kinda looking for another. Would LOVE a self-black Abby or Peruvian!
Two dogs: Poopy-Toby, a JRT and Finn, a Lab/Aussie mix.
Five Miniature horses: Sunny, 12, Chet, 6, and Sammie, 2, all geldings; Fancy, 3, mare and Chaz, yearling colt. Sunny drives and is a Reserve National Champion and Hall of Fame guy. Sammie, Chaz and Fancy will learn hopefully soon, and Chet is for sale (too high strung for me, he's also a purebred Shetland.)


sunnyfield.jpg chaz & finn.jpg Holly and Ivy.jpg IMG_7881.JPG
40-something, married for 20 years
Lives next door to Disney World
Diverse jobs include counselor, writer, and travel agent
No human kids
Pets = one horse, four cats, one Quaker Parrot, and two guinea pigs.

[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.

[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.

[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.

Farquaad and SheiKra:
[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.

Figment is the horse, the rest of the photos are continued in the next post since the other photos won't show up here.


Barb's brood continued:

Stitch and Farquaad when he was a baby:

[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.

My husband and I:

[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.

Our feral cat, Tooncinator, who lives under the bed:
[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.

My horse Figment again, since he's showing up as a thumbnail in my previous post:

[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.
[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.
My daughter, Me, Rose and Miranda(fluffy one)

Hi I am Angela (34 eeek)
I have a 7 year old daughter (old pic of her)
2 guinea pigs Miranda and Rose
And take care of my sickly parents but have a degree in the dental field.
Hello my name is Sara, though I have a plethora of nicknames (Some that I don't like to much) so I rarely get called that. I am 15 years of age, and of course not married, and have no children.

I am a student at an online school, of which I excel in Game Programming, and learning Japanese, I can have basic day to day conversations, and understand mostly all of what someone is saying to me, however I have not started reading or writing.

I have no real job at the moment, though I make money doing some odds and ends stuff. (Fixing computers, mowing lawns, ect)

I am the proud mom of a bunch of animals. The pictures at the end are in the order that I talk about them. I thought I would include stories, as all my pets are just odd. lol The first is my dog Bellatrix, who is a Pug-zu, she is VERY hyper, but very smart. She knows about 30 tricks, and I bet she could learn more if I thought of any more to teach her, she also knows all of her toys by name (Not sure how many toys she has but it's a lot) and will bring you whatever toy you ask for. She loves to watch TV, when she wants it on, she will jump up on the coffee table, bark at the TV then look at me, and keep doing it till I turn on the TV for her, then she stops and watches. xD

Next is my cat Sushi, he got his name from how he is orange striped on the top which looks like fish, and white on the bottom which looks like rice. I found him one day when I was young and was out for a walk. He followed me a mile home from a cow farm. I tried to make him go back to his home, but I guess we were just destined to be together. xD Part of his tail was broken from before we got him, so it's a little odd shaped, he also has one ear pointing down always, because he had a medical problem with it in the past.

Jack is my other cat, who is grey. I found him outside, in really bad shape. He had been shot 3 times with some sort of air soft gun (I think that's what the vet said) and has one bullet in his left paw, shattered pieces of one in his right paw, and one in his lungs. This makes him unable to go under, so he could not get them removed. He is an old kitty of about 15 years, but he is living a very happy life.

Then all of my guinea pigs. Phoenix is roan (Looks white) and is a Teddy guinea pig, her and Godric, who is a white and black Teddy, were my first guinea pigs, and I got them from a horrible breeder, before I knew rescuing was better. Then it's Fus who is a chocolate and white short hair with a small bit of Peruvian, and her baby Ro Dah who is calico and is Peruvian with a little bit of short hair.

(Sorry for the long post xD)

[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.
Another one?

Melissa, age 21.
I've been married for 2 years ( I know, so young!)
I used to live in Arizona, and somehow wiggled my way up to Washington state.I had a lot of adventures when I turned 18. I love it very much here.
I'm currently unemployed and looking, but my husband is the breadwinner of this relationship and loves to spoil me and the pigs. I'm lucky to have him. I don't ever want children, but people always tell me my biological clock will eventually start ticking loudly. I think they're full of it.

I am gluten and dairy intolerant, and my body only started reacting badly to those ingredients in the last couple of years. It's really hard sometimes. I guess that's an interesting piece of info. I'd love to eventually become vegan. Baby steps!

I love studying culture and religion,gaming, reading, cooking, and hiking through the woods.

I only have guinea pigs, but may have other rodents or birds in the future. I grew up around dogs, who killed anything that trespassed into the yard. I don't think I can ever own a predator animal after those events.
[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.

Numa(white) and Buttercup. My first two pigs. They're around a year and a couple of months old.
[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.

Artemis and Erebos. They're both under 6 months old!
:love:ing it again. lol
What happened to the last thread?
Do I have to admit to this stuff all over again? :eek:

Dawn, 40 yrs old (ack! How'd that happen?)
single, thank you, no kids, but I borrow my neighbors kids sometimes
I have a zoo: 4 "Guinea Girls" Daisy, re-homed, Amber, Daphne, and Sweet Pea, rescues;
2 foster boars, Bob and Tom

10 cats, all trapped and tamed except 1-siblings Ryan, Riley, and Hunter; siblings Alex and Mandy; Gus; and siblings Ethan, Abigail, and Sam

1 dog ( I lost my Golden Retriever 2 weeks ago) Chopper, yellow lab, re-homed

3 bunnies, Calvin, re-homed, and his 2 new bun-wives-to-be, 2 PEWs, Holly and Ivy, rescues

I volunteer to tame feral kittens, and TNR work, as well as spay clinics; I've been in the medical field for 23 yrs, and am currently working in insurance.


Picture 010.jpg 03152012 023.jpg
My name is Ellisa
21 year old female
Uni Student
2 doggie brothers, shih tzu mixes, Archie and Bosley
2 guineas, Penny and Sheldon (neutered)
1 chinchilla, Lola
Born and raised in Calgary, AB. Moved to Brandon, MB 2 years ago.
Here's a picture of my dogs, and then one of Lola. I think most of you have already seen Penny and Sheldon :)


003.jpg 010.jpg
Hello again!!I am Evgenia,28 years old and i live in Athens,Greece!!I am not married (you guys marry sooo young in the US!here men are so difficult to marry!!!! :s)but i am in a relationship though and hopefully we will live together by the end of the summer :eek: !And no kids :) I work in a tea shop in the center of Athens.
Here is me and my boyfriend![GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.
My dog named Alekos (here is a human name!And it's very funny when i take him for a walk and calling him because he doesn't come back,everyone is looking at me expecting that i am shouting to a man and instead they see a dog!!!)[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.He is 8 years old!
These are my girls,i think you already seen them.if not here they are!!
Here is Roza all in the floor when she was pregnant!
[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.
And here is Milou![GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.
Milou is 1,5 years old and Roza is about 8 months.
And also i have a guppy fish about 1 year old named Sotiris (also a human name!!!)
I am verry very happy that i found this site!You have no idea how much you have helped me :) It'a very nice to meet you all :)
@jm_1234 , your first picture is at the Calgary Zoo, right?
Yes, we have to do it all again because it accidently got deleted. but its fun doing it again.
Hi my name is George i live in greece, in Athens i'm new here although i have 2 beatiful cavies :zizel(for 2 years) lucy (for one year)!
[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.(cuties)
I also have around 14 turtles in the back yard a small parrot and a cat named silvy
I m still a student:p at high school! And i am a huge fan of movies and american tv series !
no let me show you some pictures
[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us. lucy when she used to have long coat because now zizel because she is jealous, eats her fur
[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.

me silvy and my cousin some years ago in our cottage at myconos (not our best pic)

zizel is over here when she used to be thin (lol) [GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.
I am Stacy Im 35 and a mother to 3 human children ages 16, 13, and 7. I am also a mother to a yorkie/daschund mix Hunter, 3 cats Pepper, Sally and Lucy, and 4 guinea pigs Skillet, Lilly, Oreo and Milk.
Im a stay at home mom and have been married to my husband for 17 years. He is in the Army. We live in Oregon but I am from Maryland and he is from Colorado and we have also lived in Washington State North Carolina and New York.
[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.sally [GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.pepper
Last edited:
and Hunter and the kids[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.[GuineaPigCages.com] All About Us.and me :)
It is fun! I cringe when I admit to all my animals-so many people give me a hard time about it. I feel better knowing others here have mini-zoos, too, LOL. (Dang animal hoarding show, now everyone with more than 1 pet is a "hoarder". Please! :mad:)
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