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Alice has delivered


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Apr 15, 2012
One of my rescue sows, Alice, has just given birth to a massive litter of 6 pups, the babies are all very small and it's been at least an hour since she's delivered them all. Although the babies have been cleared of the sacs they are still all very bloody and icky, and she's not feeding them.

I may just be paranoid due to the last sow, Bella, delivering 2 stillborns and these sows have been overbred and bred back to back already, when should I start stressing that she's not caring for them? She's sitting sort of near them but not really seems interested in feeding or cleaning them any further :weepy:
Ok, so I phoned my vet and I'm taking Alice in, he thinks she may have a calcium defeciency or just absolutely exhausted from the large litter. He basically also said that we'll likely have to supplement with hand-feeding the pups...

If anyone was wondering why they shouldn't breed their pigs, well here it is. In the last month I've had 2 litters delivered at my rescue, one produced 2 half-decomposed still-borns and now this. If that isn't enough to put anyone off then frankly I don't know.
Glad Alice delivered ok. 6 pups wow! Sorry about the rest. Keep us posted on what the vet says and the welfare of Alice and all the pups.
my friend has guinea pig she breds them all the time but gives the guinea pigs away the babies of course anyway one time one of her guinea pigs had 13 pups and yes! i was there during the whole time 6 ended up dying cause lack of food for them from their mum and the mum had hardly any food but this was my friend and it was before i found this
Our Smores just had 6 pups 2 weeks ago but they were not small. it actually surprised me how massive they were for her being so dainty. I am hoping Alice's pups make it and and she learns to care for them. Our vet did say she was surprised that we had no stillborns or any neglected pups because mama only has 2 nipples and caring for 6 and keeping them equally fed is a lot of work with 6. Keep us updated. Piggie prayers coming your way
Some guinea pigs are just not interested in their babies. That being said, she is probably exhausted and I would worry about infection and toxemia too. Is she housed with the other female? How many babies did she have? She could share mothering duties with poor overwhelmed Alice. Other compatible nannies (females without babies or neutered males) can help with cleaning and cuddling the babies even if they don't have milk.

Definitely weigh the babies and moms regularly, once a day for at least the next two weeks.
Prayers and wheeks of encouragement to you, Alice, and all of your piggies!
awww, Hope it all goes well, Clean those babies up so they dont get cold. sending prayers your way keep us updates.
any news yet?
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