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Behavior Alfalfa Hay


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Dec 13, 2011
I use to give my 2 girls timothy hay but was suggested that I start to add alfalfa hay to their diet too so I went and got some. The girls like to climb ontop of it and pee. I am not sure why they are doing this...they never did this with the timothy hay. Any suggestions on why they would do this and what to do about it....Thanks:confused:
How old are they? If they are over 6 months they don't need Alfalfa.
They don't need alfalfa hay. Alfalfa isn't a hay, it's a legume, like a pea. Guinea pigs need long strand grass hay for their teeth and guts. Pups under six months and nursing mothers need alfalfa pellets for the extra calcium, but all pigs need grass hay.
Sasha was born Aug 25, Bella Oct 23.....So they are under 6 months. They get timothy hay and have since the beginning but was told that they needed the alfalfa hay
Like Bpatters said, they do not need alfalfa hay, since it is a legume hay. However, they need to be fed an alfalfa-based pellet until 6 months of age.
Is the regular pellets in a guinea pig food alfalfa based
It depends on what you are buying. What pellets do you feed your pigs?

Personally, I recommend either KMS Hayloft alfalfa pellets (found here: (broken link removed)) or Oxbow Cavy Performance.
I have heard that it is not the best but I am using up the bag that I have....it is Kaytee Fiesta Max
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