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General Alfalfa Hay?


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Dec 3, 2011
I just went to the petstore and picked up some new chew stuff for Capone. I didn't realize til I got home that they all have Alfalfa in them. I got her the chewable log hideaway, and a stuffed log. I read that you shouldn't feed adults alfalfa hay because it is way too high in calcium, I don't know how old my baby is but the place said probably under a year.. Should I not give these to her?
If they are the log hideaways and stuffed logs that I am thinking of they shouldn't be given to pigs anyways. They contain too much sugar which is not good for them. Instead try wooden toys, lots of hay, a log cabin etc. Also, for treats ofer special veggies and fruits, but not very often on the fruit.

edit: Also, don't buy treats sold in petstores for guinea pigs. They also contain too much sugar and weird stuff that pigs shouldn't have.
Are the KayTee apple sticks okay?
I think the apple sticks should be OK, if that is all they are. I don't buy chew toys because my piggers never used them. Hay is the best for chewing on lol
These things that I think you are talking about aren't good for your guinea pig. The chewable log for sure is not good for your guinea pig. You're right they have alfalfa, but they also are put together with honey which makes guinea pigs overweight very quickly from all of the sugar. If I were you I would return each of these items.

Better chew toys would be:
Small pet cage accessory comes stuffed with bedding (My guinea pig LOVES this!--Make sure it is big enough to fit you guinea pig though since this looks like the smaller ones for hamsters *Throw away the bedding stuff inside*)

Nut Knot Nibbler: Small pet chew toy hides a nutty surprise inside wood dowels (I don't have one, but I know a lot of people that do. Just make sure that when they chew to inside were the walnut is, take it out because it is not safe for them.)

Small Pet Habitat Enrichment: Oxbow Timothy Club Accessories (These are just timothy hay woven to make different things)

Small Pet Chew Toys: Super Pet Critter Ka-Bobs & Bites Treat System (These are the wooden kabobs)

Some guinea pigs chew more than others so it depends on your guinea pigs. My guinea pig loves her cardboard chew tunnel and chews it all the time, but will not touch her kabob. Hay is their main source of chewing needs for their teeth so these toys are needed but some guinea pigs like them.

Hope this helped!
Okay, I'm going to throw the log cabin and the stuffed log away, I have been giving her fresh veggies. My mother in law bought her some banana flavored yogurt treats, I tried giving her some of those but she doesn't seem to like them. I also bought Timothy hay bites along with the hay she has in her cage.
Wait, when you say apple stick is it just a branch? Or is it like a seed thing?
Also, yogurt drops are a no no.
Guinea pigs are lactose intolerant so they should never be given the yogurt treats or anything with dairy in it.
Thank you both very much, she has plenty of bedding in her cage, I made her a little cardboard tunnel and made her a larger one for play time, I have one of those kabobs that comes with the cage she doesn't seem very fond of it. Once again thank you, I'm glad I posted about this before I gave them to her.
Wow... I will be throwing away the yogurt treats as well. They really need to safe proof their treats and throw all that garbage away.
The apple stick isn't a seed it is just like a piece of wood
Pretty much anything edible that petstores sell that are marketed for guinea pigs and other small animals are crap and no good for them.
Alfalfa Hay?sorry for the blur on the thing only have a webcam to take pictures of .. but that is what they look like
The apple stick should be good then.
on the back of the box it says all natural apple wood promotes health teeth and gums im assuming maybe this contains sugar as well?
Sorry, looks like you've learned the hard way that most stuff sold by pet stores is no good for guinea pigs. When you think about treats for them, think herbs -- cilantro, dill, thyme, basil, etc. Or bits of fruit -- a grape, a couple of blueberries, a bit of apple peel, some watermelon rind, etc. Much better for them than the sugary stuff sold in the pet stores.
Thanks everyone, I will just stick to the fresh stuff. Then I won't have to worry about her eating stuff that is not healthy and won't have to question. I appreciate everyones help.
If you haven't opened them, try to take them back and get your money back. I would take the apple sticks back too, pigs hardly every chew on them.
I took both treats back and I am just going to stick with the hay and fresh veggies with the occasional fruit. Thank you.
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