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Keeping Cool aircon


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Apr 23, 2012
I was wondering, those of you who live in hot areas, at what point do you think it's time to turn on the aircon for pigs? Last time I had pigs I lived in the UK where it was unnecessary, but here it not only gets extremely hot, but also very humid.

Currently it's cool for the time of year and usually hovers around 25degrees during the day. But probably before long it's going to shoot up to the 30s, and last year in August it got up to 37 some days.

What cutoff temperature do you use to determine when aircon is necessary? It can especially be hard to gauge because my apartment is (luckily) cooler than outside. I've already bought Kabo a cool stone plate she can lie on, though it's currently unnecessary and she seems more interested in weeing on it and then abandoning it!

Anyway, I was mostly wondering if people had a strict "25 and up = aircon" policy, because I was thinking as long as it's not humid 27 would be okay.

Thanks! After over 4 years I'm still not quite used to these summers....
We turn ours on when it hits 80f-26.6C. Not sure if the Celcius is right. No idea the conversion.
I've also lived in Texas for 14 years and it gets up to 105f normally in mid summer.
Guinea Lynx recommends pigs' environments be kept between 65 and 75 Fahrenheit (18 to 24 Celsius).

Pigs generally tolerate cold temperatures better than excessive heat. I'd turn the air conditioning on if it gets above 75.
I agree, around 80f is when we have the ac on at our house. We are from california originally where its cooler so we arnt heat people. From all i've read online what is to hot for me is the same as whats to hot for piggies! Which makes it easy for me.
As well as her cold stone, you can also freeze bags of ice and wrap them in fleece and/or towels to help cool piggies down.
Thanks everyone! I'll work out how to use the timer and set it to come on at 26 or 27ish then. (Unfortuntely being out at work all the time means I have to trust the aircon timer to work properly...)

I was planning on freezing a small bottle of water over night and leaving it in her cage during the day too :)
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