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Allergies Air fresheners


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Jul 25, 2011
I am wondering what the consensus is for using air fresheners and candles in the room containing the pigs. my pigs are in my bedroom (I love them , but I wish they were somewhere else). It isn't real big so the smell can be obvious. I want to use candles and air fresheners because I have friends coming over tomorrow. Is that okay? Will it hurt the pigs/ their lungs?I don't want to anything that could hurt them.
In my room I usually keep a fan on, circulating the air can help a lot. If the smell is really noticeable you could also open a window.
I would definitively not use candles, the smoke will irritate them. Im not to sure about air freshener. Have you thought about an air freshener? My pigs are in my room and it has helped cut down on odor so much! It will also reduce the risk of allergies since they are in you room. You may develop them overtime
I use candles in my room, but it's at least 10 or 12 feet from the cage. I also use oil warming plug ins in the room. I have a converted attic bedroom with the pigs' cage and the cats litter box, so fresheners are vital.
I figure as long as you arent spraying anything into the air near the cage, and it's not too powerful, no big deal.
I have a small air filter sitting next to the guinea pig cage in my bedroom. It dramatically effected the smell of rodent in my room. I no longer smell the cage and it traps all the hay dust (I am allergic to some of the hay). We bought a Holmes air filter on sale at Wal-mart for like 34 or so dollars. If you can't find one that cheap, even the more expensive ones are well worth it in my opinion, especially if you have other allergies like I do.
Carbon air filters! Or just air out the room and circulate with a fan like previously mentioned.

I've heard of some products, like Glade, killing/hurting exotic birds.
You could use baking soda to help get rid of the odor too - a cheap way to solve the problem short term...
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