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adoption help needed.


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Jun 12, 2012
I am looking to adopt a young male guinea pig. Mine is just over 3 months old. In all my searches, the available have been too far away. I am about 20 minutes north of Kokomo, IN. I have called all of the surrounding counties trying to find one at the Humane Society and the Animal Rescue places. Only found one and it was a female. I really don't want to have to worry about having babies. I want Reggie to have a friend to play and snuggle with. Any suggestions?
some pet stores do adoptions. maybe you call some and see if they have any male guinea pigs up for adoption. good luck
Thank you so much for the advise. I just love him so much! I want the very best life for him.
Just wanted to give everyone an update. Finally, got word through the grapevine that there was a young girl who had to move out of her apartment and needed to find a home for her piggies. Unfortunately, I don't have the room to take them all, but I did bring home a male who is 7-8 weeks old. Poor little guy looks like an old man in the face :) He has a crest on his head and his coloring is different that any I have seen before. Still trying to come up with a name. Thinking of the name Roscoe. What do you think? The intro went really good between the little guy and Reggie. They snuggle and eat and run around together. Reggie went through a lot of changes all at one. I change from bedding to fleece and cleaned all of his stuff before the intro. He took it all in stride and has taught the little one all about veggie time. They are so fun to watch. I came across somebody who was going to throw away their wire cubes and they were happy to have me take them away. I believe they were wondering about me when I said they were going to be used to add on to my guinea pig cage. Right now they are in a 2x4.
I finally was able to charge my camera....so picture coming soon. Hopefully after work today....???
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