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Adopting/Re-selling? (Ethical Question)


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Jan 16, 2010
My Mimi needs a new friend. I WANT TO ADOPT a new guinea pig, but there are no guinea pig shelters here in the Philippines.

I stumbled upon this thread when googling rescue shelters in our country. Unfortunately, there seems to be none. duchess_speaks from the thread was right, there is no actual organization concerned about rescuing pigs here. I realized that, indeed, adoption here in the Philippines could mean buying from re-sellers. That is, owners who can't take care of their pigs anymore don't put up their pigs for "adoption", but for "re-selling".

Ordinary pet stores here sell pigs for some Php250-450 (Php=Philippine Peso), which for a Filipino is very cheap. "Responsible" breeders (so they call themselves) sell pigs for Php1,000-3,000 (expensive for an average Filipino) and some claim they don't sell pigs to people unfamiliar or inexperienced with pigs. "Re-selling", as I've learned, ranges from Php500-7,000. Those who re-sell put their pigs for adoption with the price as the adoption fee (just my assumption). Some re-sellers include in the "package" the toys, cage, food, etc. of the pig. Re-sellers didn't breed the pigs; they bought them before (as, like I said, there's no sense of "adopting from a shelter/irresponsible owner" here just yet).*

Now my dilemma: Is it ethical to buy from these so-called re-sellers? I mean, look, owners here do not surrender their pigs to shelters; they re-sell them. For profit? Because they couldn't take care of them anymore and they want to re-home them? I don't know. My dilemma is, if I buy from these re-sellers, am I purchasing or am I adopting? I know that if I buy anyway I'd welcome them with open arms, love them, and do my best to take good care of them. But we all understand why this site and guinea pig lovers in general are anti-breeding and anti-buying/selling.

What do you think?

*In fact, even my babies were given to me as a gift, without the giver assuring herself that I can really handle guinea pigs. Thanks to this site, I learned the basics of pig keeping and learned to embrace it. I easily learned keeping pigs' interests at heart. Blame it on the pigs!
Adoption fees (Or re-homing fees) are very common. They assure that the pig is going to someone who intends to keep it as a pet and not someone looking for free snake food. Also if someone can't afford a small adoption fee they most likely can't afford the proper food, housing, or medical care for the animal so that's another part of it.

It's a pretty widely accepted thing and personally I support it.
Basically I think as long as your not supporting a situation where another litter will be need to replace the pig your getting then it's fine. This could include reselling as they no longer want their pig, or babies from an accidental litter as well as a range of other possible situations. I hope you find mini a suitable friend and good on you for caring.
Rehoming from a person who can no longer take care of them is considered rescuing them, as long as that same person doesn't turn around and get more pigs to resale.

Do not buy from breeders, they will just breed more.
I live in the USA but I had no shelters that had guinea pigs, or even cared, near me. I would not buy from my local pet store because they did not take care of them there. I needed a friend for my Vinny so I turned to online adds in my area for people who could no longer take care of their pigs. I found a woman who adopted two females who were unknowingly pregnant at the time. She could not afford to take care of the pups and that is where I found my Oreo.
I also think as long as you are helping a piggy who can no longer be taken care of is a good idea.
I second the idea that the re-homing fee goes to make sure the animal will be taken care of and that the piggie isn't free snake food. I really think the "free to good home" stuff is a bad idea, along the lines of all animals. in fact, dog fighters prey upon these "free" dogs, they use them as bait for their fighting dogs, which is sad indeed. And like its said with the guinea pigs, any free to good home rodent can become snake food. If the person is buying and selling several guinea pigs for profit, then no it's not a good idea, but my personal thought is you never give an animal up for free, those free animals unfortunately can end up in bad situations as I've said.

I'm not sure why people would sell pigs for profit either, or any rodent. The price doesn't give you much profit at all. think about it, how much is a re-homing fee usually? anywhere from 10-30 dollars for a guinea pig, how much does food cost? oxbow i think runs from 14-16 per bag at the store, then you've got hay which i forget how much i spend on that, and then you've got veggies to feed the pig and bedding, and the price pretty much just evens out, there's no real profit in my opinion. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Rehoming from a person who can no longer take care of them is considered rescuing them, as long as that same person doesn't turn around and get more pigs to resale.

You see, that's basically my dilemma. I don't wanna end up getting a pig from someone who buys a pig for P350 then re-sells it for P1,000, claiming he can't take care of it anymore and later making this so-called re-selling his business. It's just so selfish and cruel.

So maybe I will just have to check and assure that the person giving his/her pig up has only the good intentions for the pig.
Some people mark up the price because they include all the supplies (food, cage and accessories). You can probably negotiate with them if you already have a cage and supplies.
I'm not sure why people would sell pigs for profit either, or any rodent. The price doesn't give you much profit at all.

Unfortunately, some people here think it's profitable. Pet stores sell pigs for cheap price, breeders for a high price. After they've sold the pigs, they lose rights/obligation over the pig; the buyer acquires those rights/obligations. It's an absolute transfer of ownership. Then at home, the buyer/new owner will take care of the pig, and if he no longer can, it's up to him to re-sell. If he's bought the pig from a pet store for P350, he can re-sell it for P1,000. Because there are no shelters, re-homing fee, etc. You see how people profitted? It's sad.

BUT don't get me wrong. NOT everyone's like that here. I'm just explaining a real situation and I just don't want to fall in that trap.

That's why I'm looking for people who re-sell absolutely for the pig's sake.
Well that much for just the pig is someone I would stay away from. However if that price includes the cage food and bedding for the pig I dont think I would be as worried. They are just trying to recoup the cost of the cage from what it sounds like.
I'd question them in length about how long they've had them, etc., and as long as they aren't breeding them, I'd feel comfortable adopting one from them.
I'm fully supportive on rehoming fees. Because you have to ask the question, if somebody isn't willing to pay for an animal, do you know they're going to take care of ot properly? Will they be willing to pay for food, bedding, vets fees, proper housing, etc? It may end up neglected. You also end up with people who take in free pets to use as live food for animals such as snakes. It's sick and horrible, but it happens. That's why I always advise people rehoming their pets to put up an adoption fee. I don't think there's anything wrong with offering 'packages' including toys, because at the end of the day they don't need them any more and it will save you money in the long run rather than buying them new.

In fact only this week, I have seen people on facebook advertising a lot of free pets, and the same girl ALWAYS comments saying she wants it. Clearly she is just being impulsive because it's a free animal - she's done this with cats, dogs, rabbits, and fish. You simply don't know what's going to happen to a beloved family member unless somebody is willing to pay for it in the first place. That's my view, anyway. So long as they're clearly not breeding them. But I know I would never ever rehome any of my animals without putting up a fee because I'd be scared about what would happen to them if they went to somebody who wasn't willing to pay from the start.
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