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Adopted for the summer...Bruno


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Jun 10, 2012
My daughter just got out of school for the summer arriving home with a surprise for me. We are the proud summertime babysitters of the school's pet Guinea Pig, Bruno. We just love him, however after reading up much information, we are still a bit confused about a few things. I understand that they are allowed to have vege's and limited fruit, but how many vege's? Being new in the house, we want to give treats all the time.... Also, his nails are super long! They curl under and I know this cannot be good for him. Where/how do I begin the process of trimming them down? Once Bruno goes back to school, I am positive I will be
looking to adopt!

[GuineaPigCages.com] Adopted for the summer...Bruno
Welcome to the forum! Bruno is a cute little guy, do you know how old he is?

The best veggies to start with would be green or red leaf lettuce and green bell pepper and carrots. You can feed him the lettuce and green pepper twice per day (1 large lettuce leaf and a couple of slices of green pepper per meal). You can then feed the other veggies as treats. That can include 1 baby carrot, some cilantro and other leafy greens. As you mentioned, fruit should be limited and only fed once per week. He will also need unlimted grass hay such as timothy hay, orchard grass, etc. and of course his pellets, about 1/8 a cup per day.

As far as trimming his nails, I would take him to a cavvy savvy vet who can trim those nails the first time and show you how. You can then just maintain them at a good length. If you feel confident and want to cut them yourself, you can use baby nail clippers or cat nail clippers. If he has white nails, you will be able to see the pink quick. Cut below that as it can be painful and bleed if you cut into the quick (but you probably already know that : )

I just think animals don't belong in a classroom! They are pets who need to live with a family and taken care of properly. The long nails on Bruno is a sure sign that he is being neglected.
Such a lucky guy to be with you and maybe you can convince the teacher to stop keeping animals in class, and let you adopt Bruno so that he can have a loving forever home!
Welcome! You want to give a cup of mixed veggies a day. Green peppers and lettuce should be feed daily with a mix of other different veggies. Veggies can be his treats since that is what guinea pigs love anyway. Most petstore treats are actually not very good for them because they have yogurt, seeds, nuts in them which are not good for pigs.
You can use normal human nail clippers on his nails. If they are white you can see exactly where you need to cut. If they are black its a bit more tricky but if you shine a light on the nail you can see the quick that way. You can also take him to the vet or a groomers to get it done as well.
Once again welcome, it sounds like Bruno is in awesome hands!
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