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Neutering/Spaying adopted 2 "males" but think one of them is pregnant -- pups are here


Cavy Slave
Sep 7, 2017
We adopted 2 "male" Guinea pigs from the humane society in July. I am almost certain that one of them is pregnant. We have an appointment at a vet this afternoon to confirm. I am unsure about what to do and am looking for advice about what will be best for us and for the Guinea pigs. Can I keep both pigs in separate cages after the babies are born or would it be better to rehome one of them and keep a same sex pair that can live together? Or to neuter the male and keep them both together? I'm very emotional at the thought of having to rehome one of them and would prefer to keep them both but have read that it can be difficult--especially for the male--to be in the vicinity of a female if he is not neutered. And I have no idea what the cost to neuter would be or if it would be better for our male pet to be rehomed without being neutered. I will discuss this all with the vet--but this vet is new to us as our regular vet only does dogs and cats and this vet was recommended by them as a good guinea pig vet. Looking for advice from more experienced Guinea pig owners as we have no experience with any of this. This pregnancy was completely unintentional and we were trying to do the best thing by adopting a pair that we thought were the same sex so they would have company. I'm overwhelmed and feel unprepared for babies and we are all attached to these 2 pets and very sad at the thought of having to rehome one of them. Thanks for your help.
Re: adopted 2 "males" but think one of them is pregnant

Neutering is far safer than a spay, and cheaper too. I can't say for certain on the price, as I am in the UK, I am sure others will weigh in.

In the meantime, if it does turn out you have a pregnant sow, you need to separate the male straight away. Females can become pregnant again seconds after giving birth, so he cannot be left in there with her. You could take that an the opportunity to neuter him, as he will need to be separated for 1 month after the procedure so that all the remaining sperm can die off.

If you don't want to neuter, you could always build separate C&Cs in the same room, so they can still chirp at one another and get the benefit of each other's presence. I'm not sure about a split cage, I don't know how stressful it would be for them if he was trying to get to her through panels. She may have boys, so it might be you can house him with the babies.

Dependent on the litter, it could be she has boys, girls or a mix, all of which offer company options. There are options. If you have the room and resources to house the pair, you don't have to part with him.

Of course, it may also turn out there is no pregnancy.

I know this must be very upsetting for you, but if you are really committed to keeping them (which I admire greatly btw) then you can make it work.
Re: adopted 2 "males" but think one of them is pregnant

Neutering is cheaper and less dangerous than a spay. I'm actually not sure of the price and it will also vary from vet to vet. If you do decide to get one of them neutered/spayed, make sure the vet you're getting the spay/neuter done at has performed many successful neuters/spays on GUINEA PIGS before.
Re: adopted 2 "males" but think one of them is pregnant

Vet confirmed we have one male and one pregnant female. She thinks 2, possibly 3 babies. Got a quote to neuter our male so I think we will plan to do that so we can keep both our pets and find homes for the babies. Thanks for your comments and advice . Hope the birth is uneventful and momma and babies all do well!
Re: adopted 2 "males" but think one of them is pregnant

Aaw poor sweet little girl. Sending lots of luck to you all!
Re: adopted 2 "males" but think one of them is pregnant

3 babies born early this morning--momma a babies seem to be doing well! I'll try to post a picture.
Re: adopted 2 "males" but think one of them is pregnant

Glad to hear everyone is doing well!!!
Another option would be to have separate male and female cages, especially if you're interested in keeping any of the babies and not neutering your male.

A stacked C&C is a great way to save floor space, yet still have two large cages. It would obviously depend on the gender of your babies, but mom and daughters could be on one level and dad and sons on another.

Just something to think about while deciding your different options for your pigs and the future!
Congratulations to you and your piggies on a healthy and happy birth experience! If you can manage it, you could put your unneutered males in one cage and your females in another cage. You have to move your male guinea pig away from your female guinea pig now anyway to avoid another pregnancy so it will give you a chance to see if you want to do a two cage household. I would look up information on raising pups on the different guinea pig websites so that you have all pertinent information. Good luck and best wishes!
If you haven't already moved the male, it's too late to prevent another pregnancy. Sows can get pregnant again with minutes of giving birth.
I would separate the male from the female as soon as possible even if she may be pregnant because back to back pregnancies are dangerous for sows. They put a strain on their bodies. And, you need to separate the male pups from their mom in three weeks, when they become sexually mature. I am sure you have read this all before. And if not, please read up on birth and pups on this site and guinealynx because if the siblings mate, you are going to be in over your head. In lots and lots of pups. And very quickly. Please let us know if you are keeping the original pair or the whole herd! I am sure you are a busy household with new babies to take care of! Keep us updated and I would love to see photos of Mom and her babies.
Congratulations on your surprise babies! Good luck with it all ❤️
We have our neutered male, the female momma and one female baby. The vet said to keep the male separate for a month and it is time to reunite them. We put the male and the momma together in a neutral location and the male was chasing the female, sniffing her butt and tried to mount her. Is this normal for a neutered male? Just want to make sure everything is taken care of so we don't have another litter of babies! Thanks for your help!
If it's been a month since his neuter, he's sterile. The sniffing and mounting is normal guinea pig behavior regardless of gender and/or neutering.
He is hard-wired for the behavior and it may or may not continue. Keep in mind that the testicles are the source of testosterone and that it will take a bit of time for all the testosterone to leave his body. Some boars seem to retain some libido, and others have absolutely no sexual drive. I had a male/female pair housed together and Chester had zero libido despite Maya being in overdrive when she was in heat. He was always a bit mystified by her behavior thinking that it was a play for dominance. With age and time she eventually calmed down a bit and for the most part they lived happily together.
I put them together in a freshly clean cage this morning--there has been rumbling, squeaking, chasing and squirting but they seem to be doing well together. Thanks for the help!
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