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Adopting Adopt a CL PetSmart pig or go rescue?


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Mar 14, 2011
Hello all,
As some of you may previously read, I have been having a h*ll of a time sleeping lately due to pig noises. I am by nature an excessively light sleeper, and even though I removed my two boars from my room, my single sow Radley is still in here and just her happy chutting to herself as we walks around her cage is enough to wake me up from deep, deep REM at 3 in the morning.
I have been looking for a friend for her the second I found out she was a girl, which is probably about three weeks ago now. I have found a wonderful 3 year old lady who recently lost her cagemate at All Creature's Sanctuary in Apex, NC, but I'll have to wait until the 14th for the homecheck and intros and my sleep will continue to suffer!).
I have also found a 6 month old Aby on Craigslist that someone bought from PetSmart five months ago. Would adopting her just be welcoming infestations into my house?
I am getting Radley a friend 1) because all piggies have to have friends! and 2) hopefully it will quiet her through the night.
Are my hopes realistic, or would adding another pig to the equation do more harm than good?
I know the benefits of going rescue, but in this situation I will be adopting in any sense. What would YOU do?

(for those who haven't read carefully, this is NOT a thread about whether or not to go rescue or buy from PetSmart. The pig was already bought from PetSmart, now I would be adopting her from Craigslist.)
I agree that your guinea pig needs a friend but a companion will in no way definitely make it quieter at night. My guinea pigs are in groups in different cages in my dining room. Sometimes they're active at night and I can hear them up in my bedroom. As far as which to adopt, why don't you go and see them and choose that way? As long as you don't buy directly from a pet store, either option is good. You'd need to quarantine the craigslist one.
The fact the your pig would quiet down is not a fact but it might help. Is there a way you can put her in another room until you get another pig?

Becasue you are not directly buying from petsmart, you are getting a pig from a person, I think it is ok. You have to to quarentine the CL pig just to make sure they arn't sick.

Good luck!!
I wrote that up at almost 5 am so I was a little loopy :crazy: I don't know why I thought that a friend would quiet Miss Lady. If anything, in the beginning she'll be even louder! Thankfully right after I posted that, I discovered the beautiful wonders of a downloadable white noise track that I was able to put on my iPod. I'm fairly certain she wheeked through the night, but that white noise really saved my piggies and I.

I didn't want to find my boys another home, but now that I have a way to sleep through everything, I am so excited! I am a horribly light sleeper and everything from birds outside to a slight tapping of my ceiling fan will wake me up from deep REM sleep. After 4 nights of listless sleeping, after I turned the white noise on, I finally dreamed and slept deeply. So, so, excited. I know this isn't the right thread but I just wanted to share my joy :)

Okay! So it would be good to go to get the Craigslist piggy… And I will, if you guys think that Miss Radley won't be able to last by herself for two more weeks (plus) until the lady who works at ACS can come to my apartment and do a homecheck and introduction between Radley and Ruth. I hold her for many hours a day, as she often hangs out with me on my bed while I work (I love my job and being able to do it from my bed!). I know that human companionship is incomparable to pig companionship, so will she be okay for a few more weeks?

If not, I could look more seriously into CL piggy. She's a cute little Aby but comes from an inexperienced family (and PetSmart initially), so there's a very strong possibility she's a boy. I guess if I go that route, I'll have to check myself!
I just wanted to share my joy :)

Yes, please share the joy!! I'm so glad you found a solution!
If you can quarantine properly, I'd say to get the CL one (After you make positively sure it's reasonably healthy and a girl). I'll get hammered for saying this, but the one in rescue is safe, the one from CL is not. So save a piggie! If you check out the CL one, and it's in bad shape, be ready to refer the people to a local rescue. so the pig can get some help. You can always donate to that rescue or "sponsor" the piggie, but vet bills skyrocket fast, and you might not want to take that on, since it was a store pig, and may have multiple issues. Good luck, and let us know what you decide. Oh, and pig-tures, of course!
Hi pocketmonster! What do you do about the water bottle? That's what wakes me up in a startle some nights. Thankfully I'm not that light of a sleeper, but sometimes the metallic clanking scares me out of my sleep :)
omg I know just what you mean!! I cannot keep my piggies in our bedroom either!! My husband sleeps right through it, but not me!! I am awake at the slightest little rustle haha.. being a light sleeper is no fun!! About the whole piggy dilemma.. I agree with the people above me, go and check out the craigslist piggy and see what you think! :) But don't get yourself stuck in a corner with massive vet bills if she is in bad shape. BOTH piggies really need a home. So it is totally up to you which one you'd like to provide a loving home to :) .... but yes, make sure to do proper a quarantine.. I did that with the last piggy I got and I was glad I did! She ended up getting goopy eyes, and I was able to get her all better before introducing her to my other girl..
They've all pretty much covered the bases. I just wanted to say that no one's going to argue with adopting from Craig's List or adopting from a rescue. Both are good options. The two options of concern on here are direct purchase from a breeder or a rescue- neither of which you're looking at. Just be sure to trust your gut instinct and look for signs of health (and gender of course :p) when you go to check "her" out!
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