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General Addition to the Midwest Habitat cage.


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Jan 16, 2012
I decided that the cage we have for our two girls (Midwest Expandable GP Habitat) was beginning to look a little tight. We added a 2X1 loft/kitchen area, ziptied everything and made sure it was secure, pretty much 1 zip tie per grid. The girls now have an 8sq ft running area downstairs, and a kitchen area upstairs. I live in a very small apartment, so I had no choice but to go upward in the expansion of the cage. I do plan to get a bigger C&C in the future, but I think that the Midwest plus the loft work pretty well right now.

Anyway, I just wanted to share. In case anyone around here is using the Midwest cage and wants an idea on expanding.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Addition to the Midwest Habitat cage.
By the way, I have since then switched the bottom area to fleece, and I must say that I love it so far. The loft still remains with bedding.
Very creative and cool. What are you using as the "floor" of the loft? (not bedding, but actual structural support)
I have a piece of cardboard, then fleece, and then two plastic bins with bedding on them. The fleece is only to protect the little part of cardboard underneath that does not have the plastic bins on top.
Very creative solution! Any difficulty teaching the girls to use the loft?

It took them a couple of hours to get there, but not without a little bit of bribing! haha I made a little "veggie path" up the ramp, since then no problem at all! :eek:
It's a good solution to getting more space out of a Midwest cage. One thing, though, for those who have pigs still not getting along--pigs that are still having dominance issues can get trapped in lofts that are only one grid wide.

It looks like it is working very nicely for these girls!
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