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Addition to the family!

OMG they are so cute.
Look at all those piggers!! So freaking cute! They all get along? How big is that cage?!
Yes, all of the girls get along FABULOUSLY! It's amazing. Currently they are in a 4 x 6 with a small 1x4 upper area for the kitchen area. Actually, I just ordered a new cloroplast base that is a 2 x 6 and I can disconnect the two 2 x 3s I had taped together and add on another 2 x 3 to their cage and add the other onto the boys' 2 x 6 cage :)
Here is a picture of 1 out of the 2 boys (wiley) he is my boyfriends fav pig:
Addition to the family!
And just thought I would share this because it's too cute and funny!
MY boyfriend with his head in the girls cage saying hi to all of them in the morning. LOL!
Addition to the family!
That is too cute! My boyfriend has also become a piggie lover. When I talked about getting pigs again (I've had them in the past) he was a bit indifferent, but once I got LSP he completely fell in love, and was so excited to get BMO, coming out to get her with me. He's a bit allergic but he still makes a beeline to the piggies whenever he comes over, and they love him. and he goes on about them to friends like any good cavy slave! conversion, complete! :mischievo
They are all so PRECIOUS. ❤️ Wow. 10 beautiful adorable sweet piggies. :)

I could never handle a big herd like you obviously can ! I could see myself handling 2 more girls if my health improves, (that would make four) but that would be definitely be the maximum, "for me". It must be so very interesting to observe, and enjoy all the different personalities in having a herd so big ! Your very very blessed.
Well, my boyfriend has admitted that before I introduced him to my piggies he was never interested in them at all but now he's always singing to them the instant he comes into the door. Always asking if the piggies need more fresh veggies or if they can come out to play again. :3 Nobody can resist the cuteness!
I just have too much energy to not have so many. They take up my energy and I love them so much! Everytime I get a chance to get a new one I'm remodelling the cages and finding excuses to buy/make new hideys, toys, etc. :) My piggies are super spoiled. They come first in my life! They ARE my BABIES! And I can't help myself but to always make up an excuse that I NEED another one.
My favorite thing is when I bring in veggies and start dividing it up. They all popcorn to the side of the cage and wheak at me until I give up the goods! I'll have to get a video some time of it! SUPER adorable. :D
Addition to the family!
the girls eating some yummies :D
I dont trust my boys on the bed cause I dont want them to fall off! All of your pigs are super cute! They must vary in ages alot!
Thanks! Sometimes the girls get a little adventurous and try to go diving off but we've never had an accident. They mainly like to cuddle up with us. :3 And thank you, my oldest pig is just over 4 years old and the youngest is about 2 months so they do range quite a bit :p
Addition to the family!
Bought a 2 x 6 metal rack that we are loving now!
That's an amazing set up. I would love to have a herd like that!
Thanks! Lol yeah they can be quite a handful and are very VERY spoiled. And yes a large herd like mine does take up quite a bit of our time but we love it!
I'd love to have 10 pigs. :D
You should try it out sometime. ;) It's AWESOME!
they are so adorable!! I love the little black one it's so cute!
She is our youngest. :) For some reason she is still very skittish and we make it part of our daily routine to take each of them out for individual time with one of us so it's very strange.
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