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Addition to the family!


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Oct 26, 2011
I'm new to the Slidell, LA area and the first shelter I go to there is this gorgeous little girl just sitting there staring up at me with her big brown eyes! And now she's home with me sitting on my lap! This now puts us up to ten pigs :)) Building her little cage to quarantine her to make sure she's alright! But so excited! I'll be uploading pictures soon!!!
How exciting! Wow ten piggies! You must have your hands full :D
Can't wait for pictures!
I'd love to see photos of your whole herd.
Ah! 10 piggies!!! How awesome is that! Share all the pictures of all 10. And your set up? Where do you keep 10 guinea pigs?
Hahahaa. Yeah, 10 pigs are quite a handful but I love my piggies! i'll have to find my camera and upload some pictures tonight! she's gorgeous! Chocolate brown and orange spots/ stripes. couldn't help myself. My boyfriend wants to name her Reeses. Looking to expand the cage again once we introduce her to all of the girls. And once we have more space of course! Also, other exciting news! found bales of timothy hay and alfalfa. Bales of timothy hay are only 17.50. It's going to save us so much money in the long run! Thank god! They had unlimited hay before but we didn't put much down for them to run in and now they have access to all the hay that they could want!! :D
Addition to the family!
Here's a picture of our new baby girl on the way home today!!! She's super sweet and loves to cuddle on my lap.
Aww she is so cute!
Shes a cutie! All your pigs live together?
Super Cute!!!
What a sweet looking little girl! Love it! =D
She stole my heart! :D All eight of my girls will live in a huge cage together (once shes out of quarantine) and my two boys are in another cage to themselves. I had to clip her nails and she was so calm. She just sat there. They think shes about 6-9 months old. Tomorrow I'm going to be putting up the piggie run outside and letting all the pigs run around outside together for a while and eat grass. Ill get a picture of all then. :)
I have 10 pigs too! 3 girls and 7 boys. It's great having a herd! Although, they have their own room in my house since the cages are massive. Congrats!!
Thank you, cavycuddler91! Ever since I got my first pig I was in love and every time I see piggies I feel the need to add on to my herd! The way I see it is I have plenty of time, love, and money to properly care and love them so why not!? :D
I'm always looking to expand so here shortly I'll be expanding again. My excuse to my boyfriend is ...," We have another girl now so they need more room OBVIOUSLY!" Lol, but he agrees so it's fine.
Here is a picture of Zelda:
Addition to the family!
Here is Guiness(Cocoa is her momma):
Addition to the family!
Here is Ewock (falling asleep with my boyfriend :))
Addition to the family!
And here is Cocoa right after she had her babies (not even thirty minutes afterwards):
Addition to the family!

Just a few pictures I had on my Facebook LOL. Couldn't help but share
Baby piggies!! How cute!! :D
Gotta love them but still hoping for no more! Got the boys seperated and jail break proofed! :D
There's the girls on the bed with us watching movies. Boys are coming out soon so ill post pictures
They're adorable! How big are your cages?
Oh, WOW!!! I love all the piggies and your new girl reminds me of our new guy Sheldon. Thanks for the pictures!
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