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Behavior Acting weird ...


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Sep 29, 2011
Last night my guinea pog was squealing really loudly.. And he has been sitting in one spot not moving. I took him out and pet him for a while and he kept yawning and he was relaxed and i put him back and he sat there looking starteled (which he never does) .. Is it weird when i say his eyes looked different.. He looks scared and i went to give him some kale he turned around and ran into the cage wall.. The last time he acted this was was almost a year ago and he mysteriously ended up outside of his cage with the same scared look on his face. He wont eat his cucumber, which is his favorite and i dont know whats gotten into him.. Its like hiles going through a weird phase or something. Im worried. Anyone know why hes acting this way? Thankyou so much.
Do you weigh him weekly? Have you heard/seen anything that would indicate he's sick? Coughing, sneezing, blood/ gritty deposits in his urine? Some pigs squeal while they pee if they have a UTI (urinary tract infection).

Does anyone else in your home handle him? The fact he got outside of his cage is a bit worrisome. What kind of cage setup do you have?
Occasionally, a guinea pig will sometimes just get weirded out and act like they're terrified of their cage. Nobody knows what causes it, or what to do about it. If you can catch him without too much trauma, put him in your lap, cover him lightly with something, and see if he'll eat something he really likes.

Also make sure he's got a hidey in the cage that he likes, so he's got something to get under.

Maybe he's just now realized that you've got eagles flying around inside your house. ;)
Maybe he's just now realized that you've got eagles flying around inside your house.

Actually, they're hiding under the fleece! LOL (like the monster under the bed for kids...)
Hahaha maybe. He has a hidey. Also itseems like hes not eating his pellets or drink his water as much. I got him to eat some kale.i hope he goes back to normal :(
I dont think ive seen any if that just skitishness and sleepys around his eues ( i think hes had that forever) hes acted his way before anlong time ago, and it just eventually stopped. Hopefully he'll go back to normal :(
What about hay? Is he eating that?
Yes! He sure loves his hay! But not many pellets. &i got him to drink a little water today. I feel like a mother taking care of a sick child ! Hahahahah
I had him out on hisbplaytime blanket and he seemed a little better, but when i put him back in his cage he got right timid again! I dont know if he hurt himself on something in the cage or maye there really are eagles under the fleece !! Haha i have no idea.
Can you put his play time blanket down on the cage floor? Maybe that would make him feel beter.
lol My first thought was maybe you have a ghost.
Oh gosh! Dont tell me that! Now ill be acting weird! And my other guinea pig is fine.. Hahah this post scares me !
Maybe. I will try that tomorrow and see what he thinks.
lol sorry to freak you out! My cat used to do things like that all the time. I would be sitting there watching tv and she would just stare into the corner of the room and get all fluffy and slowly walk and hiss/cry at something. Scared the you know what out of me.
My friend sai his cat his ct did that too and that animals get scared when they see a ghost but humans cant! The idea freaks tthe beejeebies out of me ! Hahaha
Hes acting alot better today! Moving around a bit more and took a treat feom my hand like he usually does! Maybe things are getting better?! :)
Oh no. Hes started acting strange again. Same exact thing. Wont move from one place.. Not eating much. Wont go in his house either. Whats wrong?! It stopped before And he was fine ! Whys it happening again? :'(
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