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About wild rats ideas


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Oct 11, 2011
I have reason to believe that there is a family of rats living in our garage. Weve seen 2 different ones and you can always hear them scurying away when we turn on the car. The reason the live in their is because its starting to get cold outside-especially at night. They like to hide in the bags of warm clothes. We also have a bag of birdseed that they eat. Its EVERYWHERE. All the seeds are on the ground and stuff. Theyve been eating it for about 6-7 months and my dad said that they are about to run out of birdseed. And my dad says that its a good thing so that they can leave.
This troubles me because i dont want a whole family of Rats to be without food for the winter.
My parents get ticked off with the rats and how messy they are. But i really want to feed them. Atleast buy another bag of birdseed for them and give them fruit ever once in a while. Can that hurt? I think not. What do you guys think? If we have ruined their habitat buy building houses and garages, why cant be help them out a bit? Its not like they are doing any harm to anyone..
The problem is that they multiply very quickly and can eat things in your house/garage that you don't want them to eat, like wires, wood, etc. The best thing you can do is try humanely catching them with a live trap and relocate them to the woods. Also it is not good to leave open bags of any kind of food laying out because you will just be perpetuating the problem. I understand how you feel about the little guys, but you really don't want wild rats taking over your house.
I agree with anydue. I love animals of all kinds, but I think it is your best option to humanely catch them and set them free elsewhere. They can multiple and then get into your house. I read of a wild rat attacking someones guinea pig. I know that you care about them, but I think it is better for you and them if they were set free somewhere outside of the city. They won't starve. Rats are extremely smart and will find food and shelter if they are in the woods.
I agree with all the above posters.
I guess i agree that they are better off in the woods.
And i do NOT want them taking over my house and attacking my pigs or dogs. I guess im just a major softy for all animals. :)
Wild rats can be very mean as well as smelly, dirty and carry diseases. Another problem is they can gnaw wires and cause a fire risk. I had a very bad rat problem in my barn at one point. I found an easy way to catch the rats was to leave some seed or bread at the bottom of a big out door trash can. The rats will go in after the food but they can't get back out. Just put the lid on the top. Tape it shut and drive them as far away as they need to go and then release them into the wild. My rat problem got so bad I actually ended up adopting a pair of barn cats to keep them at bay. That worked wonderfully but it doesn't sound like your problem is a big one. Just a few stray rats that need a better place to live. Best of luck!
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