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About me and our piggies !!


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Mar 22, 2012

Hello everyone
I am a stay at home mother, wife and teacher. I home school my 2 wonderful kiddos. We live in a very small town in southern Oklahoma. We have a boxer dog named Achilles...i swear he acts just like a kid.
Our first Piggy was my son's male named Skittles...We where told he was a female, but turned out he was a male. Poor lil skittles passed away a few weeks ago...:( He was such a cute and special lil guy. We got my daughter a female piggy for skittles to play with...and that was when we found out that he was really a male...
:eek:..!! We had to go get him fixed, cause we didn't want no babies. My Daughter's piggy is named Mocha...she is such a sweet lil girl. She has been a blessing to our home. We finally decided to get my son another piggy for him and for Mocha. Her name is Reeses...she is about 2 months old...I will admit she is a handful..She likes to nip/bite when u pick her up or hold her. I hope she grows out of that..! Cause she is a cutie and we really love her..!!
Other than that...i'm into photography, art, tattoos and coloring my hair off the wall colors. I am planning on gettin a new piggie this friday...a third lil girl to add to our family !!!
Welcome to the forum.

We'd love to see some pigtures. You can show off your photography skills and piggies all at the same time.
hello, welcome and please post piggies. we love pictures of everything. I have a female boxer named Dixie she is 7 years old.
Thank Ya for the kind welcome..!! I just posted some pics of our lil fur balls..!! I will be posting new pics of Reeses and Mocha very soon..!!!
Achilles is 5 yrs old...!! He is a spoiled pooch !! but we love him to death.!! Heck, all of our animals are very spoiled...piggies are very pampered..;)
Welcome! Everyone always seems to start with one little piggy and ends up with a whole herd. I started with one for my son and now we have 4! :eye-poppi They are sweet little things though I wouldn't change if for anything! =D
Welcome to the forum!! You said you are planning on getting another piggie, have you considered adopting one instead, from a rescue or shelter?
I have called all of our local shelters and none of them have any piggies. :( The new piggy will b a rescue piggy...we have found out that there are people around here with piggies in very poor living conditions. They are all being rescued and we are gettin one of the females. Honestly, i can not stand people that have theses cute lil animals and have no clue how to take care of them. Reeses was a rescue piggy...we got her from a family that was letting their daughter keep male and female piggies in one cage and they where breeding like crazy. It was a sad sight to see...I wish i could have taken them all...cause there was 7 piggies living in a very small cage...i tryed to talk them out of the mother, but with no luck. But i did report the care to a local animal care group...cause they where in very bad living cond.
I really love your username @southernfury ! You have spunk!

I can't wait to see your pretty babies! Welcome!
Thank You..!! I like Spunk !! :) U should see my hair..it's crazy and colorful..!! I just posted some of our lil ones and i'll b posting more soon of our new lil piggies..!! I am glad i found a forum all about piggies and actually get to talk to people with piggies too..cause i know i will always have questions..!! :)
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