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How Many? a trio or duo


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Mar 7, 2012
Ive narrowed things down a bit. I am going to have a duo of females or trio of females. My other option is 2 females 1 neutered male. Opinions pls.
It just depends on the mix. If you can find a bonded pair or trio, I'd go that route instead of individuals you have to introduce. I've had all the pairings you're describing and found that it's not the number or the gender but whether their personalities are a good blend.
If they all get along I feel like there is much difference between 2 and 3 guinea pigs.
Personally, I prefer not to have "boar stank" or have to clean out perineal sacs just yet. Maybe one day, when I begin to foster, since there seem to be so many more males than females in the local shelter, I'll take on the task. Until then, however, I am quite happy with my 4 girls.
Thx everyone, i am partial to boys but the sac cleaning kinda kills it for me. So maybe 2 or 3 females. My cage will be lrg enough for three.
My boars don't stink unless your face is right in their cage, and cleaning out their sac was not as difficult or gross as I originally thought. It's like changing a baby's diaper. The idea behind it is gross, but when you have a child of your own you don't really think about the ick factor.

Seems like your choice might depend on what you find at the shelter/rescue.
Even boars need piggy mommys and daddys. Shoudn't make up your mind so quick. What if you seen one you absolutely fall in love with and it's a boar... :(
Don't have any children, changed plenty of diapers. I am pretty sold on 3 females or 2 & a neutered male. I do have control over what I am getting. I am pro rescue no doubt but rescues here do not last long at shelters. I have made inquires on some. I am keeping my options open & my mind too. Thx for all the feedback. I just rearranged my bedroom to make room for the cage i am building. So things are coming along either way, some g pigs will call my place home in a few months.
Thx alaska so true theres this 1 male that i have my eye one like i said i am open. I still have to finish bldg the cage
My most bonded pairs were two males, one of which I have now. I've never had an issue with smelly male pairs. There's only been one male I had years ago that would scent mark his cage. The two I have now are a neutered male and a senior. They've gotten along since the first time I introduced them. There was no mounting, teeth chattering, etc. The senior sniffs the other one but he doesn't even care. My other pair were both intact adults. One was mine and the other was a foster I adopted when I realized how well they got along. One was big and dominant. The other was small and more submissive... but smart. He'd just hop on his pigloo if the other started to rumblestrut. They'd play tag but there was no fighting at all. I think most males are friendlier than females. The only exception to that was a single female I had that didn't get along with other guinea pigs. She really bonded to us.
Thx pinky. Ive rearranged my room last night. Moved the cage in the corner, this way when the ac is on the wont be in a draft. I am excited. I should be getting my trio in april.
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