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a tip and a question

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a tip and a question

if my piggy is normal, then sometimes when your piggy is sitting with u .. they wont hold still or wont calm down. know what i found helps?? put music on and sing with it lol... im serious, im a huge micahel jackson fan, and my guinea pig would just not calm down (she was in her cage) and i put on my cd and when Thriller came on she calmed down,bit she doesnt like the slower songs for some reason... and when i sing with it she gets real quiet and doesnt make a bunch of noise. my question is : does your piggies get along with your dogs if u have them?????? im worried she'll get out of her cage one day and my dog will hurt her, she loves the dog but the dog is scaed of her... she tends to.. umm.. chew on my dog, she chews on her tail and nose and feet and dogs do not like that..........
Re: a tip and a question

If mine are fidgeting when I have them out it's usually because they aren't in the mood to stay still and be petted, or that then need the loo! Have you tried offering veggies her when you have her out to help keep her busy and happy so she settles? I'm not so sure about the music thing as many piggers don't like music - the noises and vibrations make them feel nervous. Mine all freeze if they hear some types of music but it's because they're scared by it, not soothed.

I can't really help on the dog thing, sorry - I've never had dogs so my instinct is to say no as I wouldn't trust any near mine. I know some people say their dogs and piggies get along but they always supervise any interaction closely. If you dog is nervous of her then maybe it's not a good idea as it only takes a second for a dog to take a nervous snap at a piggy but it could do a lot of harm.

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she really likes music though, i dont turn it up very loud

as for the dog, she licks her like shes her puppy but if im not hoolding her, she (the dog)acts nervous
the music issue

I have a piggie that loves music but he is figity he only like classic rock and he loves it really loud if I turn it on low than he squeals really loud until I turn it up!

the doggy thing my piggie clesaned my dog and they made quitethe couple!
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