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A Question on Death. And Guinea Pig ESP??


Cavy Slave
Mar 28, 2012
Hey, this is my first post so feedback is welcome :)
I have 2 Piggies, Nessie and Nissa. Nessie was only a young when I got her, nevertheless she was pregnant and had three healthy babies. They were dubbed Michelangelo, Leonardo and Nissa.
In late January a carpet snake broke into Mikey and Leo's cage and poor Mikey was eaten and Leo died of shock. I was in tears for three days and I was wondering if the girls (Nessie and Nissa) in the cage next door, knew what happened.
About 4 days ago whilst giving the girl's cage a extensive clean, the ball bearing on their water bottle fell out so we gave them the boys old one (mind we scrubbed it first!). Both Nessie and Nissa won't drink from the bottle and when it is put near them they jump away and cuddle into my arms. I was desperately trying to make them drink and Nissa will drink out of a eye dropper, but Nessie seems more affected and will only drink a few drops from my finger! About 10 minutes ago whilst trying to make them drink they both were distressed by the bottle and just sat there practically whimpering, like they had just found out what happened to the boys. My mum and I were wondering if this is some sort of Guinea-pig ESP or Depression??
Sorry for the long post, but I am worried for my babies!!
I put a bowl of water in my piggy's cage because they won't drink out of the bottle either. You do what works.
Are your guinea pigs housed outside? I'd bring them in the house. We had a situation in my area where someone kept their guinea pigs in a hutch outdoors. A predator broke into the cage and killed one and the other was so traumatized, he never stopped wheeking. The owner surrendered the other on to us and he ended up in a special needs home because he never recovered. Yes, guinea pigs can be traumatized by something like that. Wouldn't you be if you lived outside where that could happen to you?
I always thought guinea pigs had a memory span of about 2 weeks. I forget where I read it though, it was well over a year ago also so don't totally quote me on that fact.. But so sorry about your piggies :(
Thanks for the feedback :) I am going to buy a new water bottle for them this weekend in the meantime they have a water bottle and a bowl of water. As for housing them inside, I really want to however I am not allowed to :( We have secured their cage with chicken wire and bits of non-treated wood so nothing can break in and it entirely piggie safe :) The boys cage was hardly safe and the bars were wide enough for the snake to break in. Nessie and Nissa never seemed upset until they were face with the bottle :\
Once again thanks for the feedback :)
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