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Joy A new companion soon to come!


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Jul 7, 2014
I'm absolutely elated right now, and I just HAD to share my feelings with ya'll!

A little over a week ago, my roommates came to me with a crazy idea: What if we take all four computers out of the office... and move them into the living room? Owning a laptop, I didn't really care where I plopped my rump to peruse the web. Of course, I was curious as to WHY they'd want to do that. Well, some had the brilliant idea of turning the Office into the Barn (as it's been lovingly named).
On one side of the room, we have my roommates two budgies, Anova and Einstein, and on the other, we have my precious Edelweiss in her shiny new C&C cage! We figured it would be a good way to get both species more comfortable with humans, plus they seem to be intrigued by each other's talking. This, of course, means that my roommate gets to see A LOT more of my guinea pig (I had been keeping her in my room before.) Now, a week or so before ordering Edelweiss' cage, I began my search for a companion for her and... well... it didn't go so well. I couldn't find females ANYWHERE in the area, except for the humane society, but as I'm not 21, I can't actually adopt there yet. And, being without a car, I was limited by distance. :/ I was dismayed, fearing that I wouldn't be able to find her a friend.
Then a few days ago, my roommate came to me and told me how sad my piggy looked. And she really did. She was really skittish whenever we were in the room, but that was mostly because she wasn't used to her cage and the amount of people around. But we had mounted a "piggy cam" to the wall, and whenever we left, she just sorta sulked around the cage.
That was when my roommate told me that she'd be willing to drive me up to two hours away, so long as it meant that we could cheer up my baby.
And so, I'm very excited to announce that I have found a very beautiful girl! Her current owner isn't too sure how old she is, though she doesn't think older than two. She seems to be a healthy little thing, and she's already being taken care of so well, aside from a too small cage. Tomorrow, we get to pick her up! My boyfriend is rather sad that he won't be able to make the journey with us, since he has to work, but he is ecstatic as well!
I can't wait to post pictures for all of you!!
Congratulations! I can't to wait to see pigtures of the new addition. That's so nice of your roommate to notice the problem and offer to help!
Congrats! Post pictures once you get the new piglet. :)
That's awesome congrats yes definitely post pigtures when you get her :).
Yay, that's great for you and Edelweiss! I can't wait to see pigtures!
aw yay ! can't wait to see pics !
We've got her!
[GuineaPigCages.com] A new companion soon to come!

The place we got her from was a bit shady so I'm a bit worried about her health. Her cage smells like a hamster. I've never had a pig on anything but carefresh or fleece so it's... Odd. I have her in a different carrier on the way home cause the smell is really strong in the car.
Does she have a name?
We've taken to calling her Ginevra. Ginny for short
Omg she's so adorable its always exciting when someone gets a new piggy.
She's very cute, thank goodness she's with you now!
I had my suspicions that it was cedar, so Ginny got to ride up front with me instead of in the cage. I plan on completely scrubbing down the entire cage as soon as I get home. And I have another surprise!
[GuineaPigCages.com] A new companion soon to come!
This the little furball that my roommate fell in love with. Her name is Boogar, or Boo for short!
They're both adorable! Definitely toss the cedar and the salt lick. Do you plan on introducing both new pigs to Edelwiess? Or will Boo be separate?
Aww, boo is also adorable!
I'm honestly just gonna scrap the cage, I think. None of the clips on the bottom of the cage are intact, so it's so unstable, and there's jagged bar edges where they cut them to add in the hay rack. Even if it's only for three weeks, I just ... don't want her in that cage.
The house that she was in was... gross, to be honest. It smelled like hamster and poop, and the smell of the bedding is ALL over Ginny. I'm going to give her a bath just to get all the dust out of her fur. Not to mention any buggers. There were tons of flies when we went. And I'm ... not sure, since I've never dealt with it, but I think she might have a fungal infection behind her ears. Maybe. They just look different than my Edelweiss' so I don't have much to go off of.

Boo is gonna join the herd! She's -technically- mine, since my name is on her papers, but my roommate is gonna be taking care of her. She's not sure that she actually wants to have a guinea pig, so this is her trial period. If, for some reason, she doesn't want to keep her, we've already agreed that she will go to me. If she does keep her, she's gonna find her a companion and get herself a c&c cage. That's way in the future, though.
Do you have a picture of behind her ears? All guinea pigs have a hairless patch behind their ears, but it should be smooth skin and not dry or scaly looking. So you're going to have a trio for now, but then maybe separate Boo in the future and get her a new friend? I wouldn't want to separate bonded pigs from each other, but I guess if they aren't super bonded and just kind of tolerate each other it would be fine.
Yea I don't know about seperating a bonded trio part. I mean I wouldn't want to be separated from my best friends. But like @pigger123 said if they just tolerant each other maybe it could work.
I could run and get a picture right now.

Honestly, by the sounds of it, I'm fairly certain that I'm keeping her. She went from hating guinea pigs, to kinda liking them, and then she found this baby today while I was finalizing things with my craigslist seller and just decided to get her. To me, it seems like a huge impulse buy, so I don't she'll want her.
Regardless, I'll take that into consideration. I know that she had wanted to add onto my cage as it is, so perhaps we can just get a second cage and just have them near each other.
If she does decide she wants Boo to be "hers," maybe you could keep them together as a trio and just have your roommate be able to say that she belongs to her. I don't see why you would have to separate the pigs, unless you aren't going to stay together as roommates. It just seems kind of silly to have to get 2 separate cages and another guinea pig just so that she can claim "ownership."
I second @pigger123 I don't see a point in having two separate cages. Unless your planning not being roommates anymore in the near future.

I would just say to play it by ear. You don't even know if the trio will work. But it's just something to think about.
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