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Behavior 6 week old male guinea pig


Cavy Slave
Feb 12, 2012
My baby guinea name is liney, i seperated him from his mom and didnt get any other piggies. he has a medium sized cage water bottle and food dish and a hiding box. I need to get him a hay hutch and toys still. we do 30 minutes of towel time 10 minutes of floor and he cries most of the time if im petting him. he wont eat any fresh fruit or veggis i offer him and hide if he hears me coming. Ive had Liney three days now and it does not seem like he is warming up tot he family. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make him happier or more trusting i would greatly appreciate that. thanks Kristen& Liney:?:
Well, you need a LOT of patience. It may take weeks or months for him to warm up to you. Guinea pigs are skittish animals, and they're perfectly sure that anything as big as a human must have evil intentions.

Be calm, be quiet, feed him lots of goodies, let him get used to you slowly. Don't rush it, or you'll just slow things down.

He cries because he's lonely. He really needs another boy or a spayed female to keep him company. Guinea pigs are herd animals, and they're much happier with another pig.
My first guinea pig took about a month before he was comfortable with me picking him up, I had adopted him from someone in the area who was told they were given a "male guinea pig" (which of course was a pregnant female). He was just over a month old and was used to being handled by the man I adopted him from, but it still took time to get him used to me. My other two were with me since they were babies so they didn't have much reservations about me. Just stick with it and continue working with him.
Thanks everyone for giving me more hope that he will come around i want to get another piggie but im afraid it will pick on him. he likes when i pet him inside the cage and when i sing to him
:) kristen&Liney
It took my Poppy about a month before he warmed up to and trusted me. After that, things get better faster! ❤️
lol a month isnt bad i hope thats all it takes
I got a baby guinea pig recently he's still not use to use though he is getting better every day. I have had him for about 2 months now. It just takes times. I would look into getting him a buddy soon. He will be much, much happier.
definatly looking for him a friend but i dont want him to be bullied on because he is young. today after petting him i noticed a few white spots on him i hope it isnt lice or mites but i am worried about him becasue like i said earlier he cries when im petting him but he doesnt try to run. im thinking of getting him this other piggy i saw but of course that would mean a bigger cage which isnt all bad since i would need a extra cage to quarentine the new one anyway...huh well i got him out earlier and when his treats get here were going to do the towel thing again. Will i ever be able to sit him down on me or the floor with out him trying to escape. it is funny when he thinks of little ideas though lol. :) Kristen&Liney
I honestly only had one of my four guinea pigs that would sit down on me without trying to escape. He was old and lazy, and was quite comfortable sitting in my lap and being petted. But like I said he was an older pig who was quite used to me at that point. It will take time, but hopefully you'll be able to handle him without much attempts of escape soon. :D
As mentioned, it'll take a while for him to warm up.

One thing I've done with my pigs since late January is feeding my pigs veggies with my arm(s) in the cage. Each time I feed them I sit beside the cage and reach my arms into the cage. For them to receive food, they must come up to me and eat from my hands. Every time they hear the veggie bag they immediately run up to the side of the cage and eagerly wheek. They sniff the air and stand up on two feet as I lower my arm into the cage.

You have to take it one step at a time. Sit beside the cage, talk to your little pig. He will learn to recognize and anticipate your voice. Hold your hand in the cage. Don't try to touch him with your hand in the cage for a week or so. Just set it next to him as he munches on his food. You can occasionally wiggle a finger towards him, but he may flee. I try to think of arms as snakes. Are arm is the body and our hand is the head- Who knows if guinea pigs see them as snakes, but what I do know is they think it's a giant, scary monster out to hurt them. By keeping your hand next to him, he will learn to trust you. Eventually, you can touch him as he eats. If he runs away or backs off, leave him alone. Try again later. One of my pigs allows me to pet her entire body as she eats, my other one is still iffy about it but is getting better.

While holding him, bribe him with veggies. If he jumps out of your lap and runs away from you, keep food near or on your lap. He'll have to gain courage to come back and eat it from you, thus learning, "Hey, this big scary monster ain't trying to kill me! Maybe I can trust him/her!"
I'm clearly no expert, but I do have three four week old baby boys at home. The thing that I find about the babies is that they are extremely skittish. It takes two on cage cleaning day to round them up. My three older ladies, and they're all less than a year (I think), are much more docile. Because they're older. It took a long time for my first two to become that way, yeah, but they were always much better behaved than the babies are. Maybe it's just boys! My baby girl will lay on me and be adorable. My baby boys wiggle and squirm like all heck.

I think it's great you're considering getting another! But I just want to say, if he doesn't stop making noises, don't be alarmed. I constantly am running to the boys' cage to make sure everyone is okay because it is a non-stop squeak fest.
Guinea pigs are skittish animals, and they're perfectly sure that anything as big as a human must have evil intentions
LOLlol If they only knew...
Im hoping he isnt sqeaking because of mites or lice. i didi notice dandruff the last time i pet him. He mak be sqeaking when im holding him because hes scared i thought of that to but he fine if i pet him while hes in cage as long as i dont make sudden moves. About the veggies do he want me to let them sit out a while so their not cold when he eats them or do he like them cold ive tried giving them to him cold he ran away from it. Im going to call the spca around noon and see if anyone has donated any guinea pigs hopefully i can get him a social friend.
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