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Cage 2x4 or 3x4 for arthritis guinea pig?


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Aug 29, 2021
Please read all info! It's very important to me to get the right size!

My 7 year old guinea pig, Snowball, seems to have arthritis or paralysis in her back legs. Because of this, as well as other medical issues which you can find in her medical thread, she can barely move. She can waddle around, but she doesn't run or play anymore. She just sleeps and walks to her food and water when needed. She DOES move to explore my house when she gets floor time, but that's it and she doesn't explore much either. A few feet and she plops down to sleep.

I want to get her a c&c cage. She has a large almost 2X4 cage by Kaytee, but it's to small and is hard to keep clean. Plus after 8 years, it's pretty broken.

These are her current cage dimensions:
Length 2x4 or 3x4 for arthritis guinea pig?

Width2x4 or 3x4 for arthritis guinea pig?

Should I get her the 2x4 c&c cage or get something bigger like a 3X4?
She might not use the space and then I would have spent needed money I could have used on medications for her.

If the images don't work, the feet of the cage is (3.25 x 1.41 feet). Almost 4x2/2x4, but not.
A 2x4 is plenty large for an elderly, arthritic guinea pig. After she's gone, if you decide to get more pigs and need a larger cage, you can always extend it.
Thanks! I think I will just get the 2x4 cage then. I am definitely getting more piggies in the future, but my living situation right now just doesn't allow for it. I plan to add a ramp for the new guinea pigs I get, right now Snowball can't use any ramp. She needs a flat cage.

Can something like this 2x4 C&C cage (The cage I wanna buy) be added onto?

Edit: They also sell just the grids, so I think yes, it can be added onto.
@Wolfiemix, you can also buy a 2X4 C&C cage from the store associated with this site. Just scroll to the top of the screen and select Cagetopia C&C Cages Store. Or if you like crafts, you can buy the grids from a local store or Amazon and the coroplast from a building supply store and make your own cage. That will save you a lot of money and you can add more to Snowball's medical fund. Lastly, check Craigslist and NextDoor to see if anyone is giving away or selling one for cheap. I've seen them on Craigslist periodically and was lucky enough to be given a 2X5 by someone I met on Craigslist, when he upgraded to a 2X6.
Oh sweet thanks! I was about to start saving up around $230 to buy the cage and liners, but Craigslist sounds great to try as well as other sites and this one. Thanks for the help!
We do recommend the store associated with this site. Profits from that store are what keep this free site running for all of us, and they've got very good quality products.
Are there any cheap grids to make a stand?

So I have a question... I am very poor so I can't really spend a lot just for a stand.

This is the cage I'm buying: https://www.cagetopia.com/candc-cage-large

Is this considered the cheapest for a stand? https://www.cagetopia.com/cage-stand-large

I would love to support the site, but I don't have a lot of money. I have found these to be the cheapest I think, but I also found separate grids for sale here: https://www.cagetopia.com/grid-connector-sets

Are they able to become a stand? How many would I need? Sorry for all these questions, just trying to find the most affordable product. Should I get some off amazon? I'd rather buy here, but I need affordable prices.
If you are watching expenses, you do not need to use a stand; you can put the cage on a table. You can get tables inexpensively from Costco, Ikea, thrift stores, etc..or free from many social media sites. I am currently using 3 Ikea Lack tables, which were free through Craig's List and there always seem to be an abundance of Lack tables being given away. My favorite though was a table, as the height was better for both the piggies and me. At the higher height, I didn't have to bend down as far (much better for my back) and I wasn't looming over the piggies, which seemed to help them respond to me better.

If you decide to buy your stand through the Guinea Pig Cages store, the 2x4 cage stand at $61.99, will include 22 grids. For the separate grid packs, you can create your own stand using the grids and will need a Small grid pack (10) and a Large grid pack (12) to total 22 grids for $71.98. Therefore the cage stand at $61.99 is a better price. Shipping is another $25 - $30 dollars. You can certainly buy them cheaper from Amazon, although there is language on the Guinea Pig Store site stating that not all grids are created the same and there might be issues with "fit". Personally I would go with a table to help with finances and because it was higher up, I was able to put more and larger supplies underneath.
I agree with @SSLee. But I would recommend fastening the cage to the table so that it can't be knocked off. You can fasten it down with bungee cords, and those will be easy to remove when you need to move the cage.
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