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Adopting 2 white pigs -look identical - how will i tell them apart??


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Nov 26, 2011
so i'm excitedly getting ready for my two boys coming home on saturday. :D i'm sure most of my questions will vanish once they're home and i spend some time getting to know them. but, here's a serious brain teaser for me: when i saw them last saturday for the first time, they looked IDENTICAL to me!! :eek:they're both male, all-white, from the same littler and they weigh pretty much they same. the rescue mom says she can see and tell the difference between the two, but to my "untrained" eye - i couldn't tell who was who!!

any safe suggestions for telling them apart, at least in the beginning??!!lol
My first reaction to reading this was to make a snyde remark about dying one pink - please don't do this, just my knee jerk reaction because it was a hot topic on the board today.

Maybe you could trim one's nails so they're shorter than the other for the first few days - IDK if that'll really help, just a thought.

Once you get to know their personalities you should be able to tell them apart fairly easily but until then I don't really have any good ideas. Maybe there is some way you can mark the hair without actually dying it?? Use carrot juice on one and spinach juice on the other? lol

Good luck!!
at college we had a two mice and to tell them apart we snipped ones fur a little so we could tell who was who until we knew their personalities
Look for some sort of difference in color. Check the ears, feet, nails, wherever. Hopefully one pig has a black nail while the other pig has all white nails. You never know!

I think over time you'll get used to their personalities.
Trim the fur on one of them. It could even just be a small amount somewhere but it would be enough to tell them apart until you notice subtle differences.
Since they're lethals, I'd bet there are some significant differences around the eyes or with the teeth.
I'm sure you'll notice differences about them over time. Awhile back I purchased a group of Himalayan marked mice and thought that I would NEVER be able to tell them apart because they all looked so similar. Now I have no problem- each of them has slightly different markings and a different personality.

I'm a pet sitter and one of my clients has fifteen or sixteen Golden Retrievers in her home at any given time. I can tell them all apart almost instantly- but it took me several months to get to know them that well. They are all similar in color but there are little details about their facial features that make them each unique.
@schavarry - very funny! i read the same thread, and paused for a half a milisecond. . .

@bpatters - i do know that one has no bottom front tooth, and the other only has a little stub of a bottom front tooth. it's just that they won't be bale to hear me when i ask them to "open wide, please" so i can see who's who!!

so, thanks all - i'll look, especailly around the eyes - i have a feeling that there is some difference there. also, snipping a bit of hair, if there's nothing else, will surely help in the short term. in the end, i'm sure their personalities will shine through. . .
I bet once you see their little faces you will be able to tell them apart! I was able to tell my clownfish apart (and they looked exactly the same)! I was able to tell identical fish, dogs, twins, etc. soon after meeting them and getting to know them. If I were you I would see the small parts of them, the unnoticeable details. Which one ear is slightly bent on the left side, which foot toes are pinker, which ones eyes are bigger...etc. :D good luck!
I'm sure you'll be able to tell them and their differences over time. The more familiar you become with animals, the more you can recognize their differences. It's the same way I can tell which dog is barking from inside the house, car, etc., even though I can't see them ... when even my husband will say, "how do you know that's Finn?"

I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure in pretty short order you'll wonder how other people can't tell them apart. :)
Until you can definitely ID them use a black magic marker and put a small dot on the fur on top of one's head. It will grow out by the time you can ID them without it!
i'd be afraid to use magic marker - while grooming or scratching themselves (or each other) i'd be worried about any of that marker getting into the bodies. maybe that's overly protective, i don't know. . .
i'd be afraid to use magic marker - while grooming or scratching themselves (or each other) i'd be worried about any of that marker getting into the bodies. maybe that's overly protective, i don't know. . .

Use a Crayola that's non-toxic for kiddies.
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