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Bonding 2 Piggies, only one seems to care to be handled


Cavy Slave
Jan 10, 2012
Hey guys!!
I have two precious piggies and I love them both but one doesn't really care to be handled much. When I get her out she'll do ok for a few minutes max and then she just gets restless but my other piggy will let me snuggle her and will be very close to falling asleep in my arms. They are both very well cared for with "guinea pig salads" twice a day and unlimited hay, she's not neglected in any way.The problem is I feel guilty that one gets more attention than the other and that maybe I'm not trying hard enough to socialize the other. Help :sad:
Keep working with her. Some pigs take longer to relax with humans than others do. Feed her part of her salad while she's sitting in your lap, and she'll learn to associate you with good food. That's the very quickest way to a piggy's heart.
Ok.. so I just tried with the salad... She was way worse than normal :( she wanted nothing more than to just get away from me. I guess I'll try to get her out more consistently for as long as she'll tolerate it (which is 2 minutes max)... Maybe she'll get better
Be patient. This may take weeks or months. It definitely won't happen in a day.
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