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2 girls on Vancouver Island B.C.


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Apr 29, 2010
This is really really hard for me to do. I've only had my girls since February and I'm torn. I'm moving and the trip is 24 hours long. I'm not sure if my guinea pigs and bunnies can make the trip. I was going to take my bunnies, but I'm afraid it would be too stressful for them as well. :sad: They are 6 months old and very ADORABLE! I love them so much. I'm leaving on Monday. I have a lot of packing and storing to do in the meantime.

I'm not sure I can find somewhere for them to stay if I do bring them either..

Any suggestions?
Their names are Gizmo and Hammy. I love them dearly. I would love to take them but I'm not sure how they would be for the 24 hour drive. Not including the ferry ride. I live close to Victoria B.C.
I would love to see them go to a loving home.
You should take the bunnies and pigs. The travel may stress them out, but not as much as having to live in a whole new house with new people, new routines, sounds, etc. There are rabbits that have travled all over the country on the bunderground and piggy trains and been fine. Just take an x-pen with you when you stay at pet-friendly hotels.
If you need a place to board them for a while until you are settled, try contacting bunny rescues in the area. Most will help.
I really do hope you can keep them. It is a very short time frame to find them a good quality home. I also find that homes seem harder to come by durring the summer.
I'm moving soon. An 18 hour trip with 5 pigs.

2 years ago we moved about 14 hours, and they did just fine. You should definitely take them with you! If you keep them in a petstore cage, and give them fresh veggies everynow and then, they should be just fine.
I think you should take them too. I would hate to lose any pet because of a move.

In the event that you are desperate, we are still looking for companion(s) for Nugget. However, I lived up in Bowser (north of Qualicum).

I'm still on probie status here on the forum, so if this is posted too late, I'm sorry.
Hope you can find a way to take them along.
Moving is a stressful time for humans as well as animals. If you're moving a whole family, it can be very hard on you, especially if, as with many women, all of the domestic organization tasks fall on the woman of the house. If kids are involved, it can be worse or better, depending on the kids were raised to take part in family organization of tasks or just objects of the organization.
That said, the pets are part of the family. Could you feel good about giving them up once you are settled? I think it would be hard to live with. It sounds like you don't have a lot of advance time to think it through to properly organize your pet transport, but I would like to encourage you to put your mind to it. It will be worth it to have your family of pets intact at the other end of the move. People have made good suggestions. Are you struggling with lack of support of a partner in this?
Ok, thank you so much. Someone said not to.. DARN petstore.. They said we shouldn't do that (they don't recommend it), it would be way to hard on them. That makes me mad. Ok, it would be harder on them to get used of a new home. :) Thank you all for making this so much easier one me. Me and my husband we getting stessed out about leaving them. Thank you all who have replied. :) I know we don't have space at my dad's for them but I'm sure he'll be ok with it because his daughter is moving home.
I am very much more relieved and I was saying the same thing last night about how they are are family and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I leave them behind. Thanks All!
I'm glad you've decided to take them with you, and I hope you've learned by now not to trust what pet store staff may tell you without checking with a more trustworthy source first.

Good luck on the move!
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